Yaham Lighting develops touchscreen LED lighting control system

June 15, 2015
Yaham Lighting will soon release its LED lighting control system, called Janus Lighting System. It uses a convenient touch-sensitive LCD screen to manage all of the lighting efficiently. PLC (Power Line Communication) technology avoids extra signal wire, for the signal is transmitted through the power wire, so it is the most reliable communication network suitable for LED lighting. Janus Lighting System is the best way to the mange the lights, and it redefines the LED lighting control system.
With regard to lighting control, a simple switch or a dimmer is generally used as the conventional method. Nowadays LEDs are widely used and LED lighting is more and more important in our surroundings. A high-efficiency lighting system will help to manage all the lamps, to achieve the most suitable lighting for a factory, an office, a road, etc. Here is the reason why the LED lighting control system is essential.

First, it will save more energy. It is known that the major advantage of LED technology is energy savings. However, this is not always done optimally. Some situations, in reality, mean that energy is continually wasted. For example, if the lamps are still on when no one passes by in a corridor, or the daylight is bright enough beside the window to eliminate the need for lights to be on. Using light sensors in this case helps to analyze the actual environment and then the lighting system will turn the lamps on/off or dim the lights according to the sensor. LED lamps and the lighting control system in combination will bring maximum energy savings.

Second, the LED lighting control system will extend the lifespan of the lamps. With a suitable lighting system, the lifetime of LED lamps will increase at least 30%. This will improve the project’s ROI.

Last, a smart lighting system is more suitable for modernized management. Remote control and automated operations will reduce manpower responsible for lighting management. The status of each lamp on the system allows real-time management, and it is convenient for routine checks. Smart controls, such as constant illumination level control, will provide more comfortable lighting. All in all, an LED lighting control system turns lamp management into lighting management, which is much closer to user requirements.


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