WAGO delivers 2060 Series connectors with higher voltage rating for use in LED modules

WAGO’s universal surface mount PCB solution – the 2060 connector, is now available with a higher nominal voltage rating and brighter white housing. Stronger housing material, increased wall thickness and a higher rating of 320 V makes the 2060 Series particularly robust. Integrated push-buttons make it easy to manipulate the clamping mechanism for the connection and removal of all conductor types. Benefits include:

• Push-in connection of solid, ferruled, or pre-bonded conductors
• Brighter white housing for minimized shadowing
• Insulating material with optimum electrical properties for rated voltages up to 320 V
• Available in 1-, 2- and 3-pole variants with 4 mm or 8 mm pin spacing
• Suitable for solid and fine-stranded conductors, ranging in size from 0.2 – 0.75 mm2
The terminal strips are available in tape-and-reel packaging for automatic assembly allowing full integration into an SMT assembly processes. The compact design also makes them ideal for use as LED connectors in high voltage LED modules or other industrial applications.


Cory Thiel, Product Manager – Electrical Interconnect, WAGO

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