Strategies in Light Europe addresses market adoption of LED lighting (MAGAZINE)

Part 1 of our report from the 2010 Strategies in Light Europe conference describes the activities of the European lighting industry, the rise of LED modules, and how LED lighting is shaping the future of light. Tim Whitaker reports.

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With the theme of Accelerating the Market Adoption of LED Lighting, the inaugural Strategies in Light Europe conference took place in late September in Frankfurt, Germany. A total of 23 presentations were accompanied by two workshops, one on Standards and the other entitled “Building the Perfect Luminaire.” As described on p. 9, Strategies Unlimited’s Vrinda Bhandarkar presented an LED market overview and forecast. Another highlight was McKinsey’s presentation entitled “Country Road or Expressway: LED at the Crossroads” – see the article on p. 31. Presentations not covered in this article will be discussed in one or more follow-up articles to be published on our website.

Martin Goetzeler, CEO of Osram GmbH opened the main conference by discussing the decision makers who are shaping the future of light and are asking questions on two main subjects. “These are how can we save energy, and how can we optimize the quality of life,” he said. “LED lighting contributes to both in a significant way.”


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