Color correcting LED light sources

Aug. 26, 2014
The Waterpower Hydro Basics Course, again co-located with HydroVision International, is a two-day course designed to give attendees a comprehensive view of the hydropower industry.

Will DuCrest, Special FX Lighting

White LEDs are formed when a blue LED chip is covered with a layer of phosphor during the packaging process. The tiniest variation in the phosphor layer and packaging assembly will lead to different color temperature and brightness.

Currently, creating a batch of LEDs at a uniform color temperature and brightness is a big challenge because it is not possible to perfectly control LED properties during mass production. Thus, the binning of LEDs is a practice used by LED manufacturers to manage the variation of LED performance and color at the end of the mass production process. Manufacturers and designers who want more precise control of color temperature can use traditional methods of cooling or warming the light such as dichroic filters, theatrical gels or applied coating. This seminar will present the pros and cons of these methods.

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