Gaining a better understanding of photometric reports

July 15, 2009
An understanding of what was needed has resulted in a new DOE Fact Sheet on Understanding Photometric Reports for SSL Products, reports Brian Owen.
Not too long ago, I approached the DOE regarding assistance with one very important topic to be discussed in the soon-to-be-released SSL Procurement Guide, published by greenTbiz in association with LEDs Magazine.

That topic was how to read photometric reports including LM-79 data, in a comprehensive but simple ready-reference guide.

DOE SSL Program Manager Jim Brodrick was instrumental in identifying the need and the value, and the project was turned over to PNNL.

A few months later and with a couple of iterations and revisions, “Understanding Photometric Reports for SSL Products” was born through the efforts of Robert Lingard and his colleagues at PNNL and recently released during the US DOE Market Introduction Workshop in Chicago, IL.

The document, which can be found on the DOE website, is a handy reference in an anatomical format with graphics. It breaks down the components of a photometric report and explains the relevance and interrelationship of the components.

Long awaited and needed, this will assist those new to lighting and SSL as well as those experienced whose task is to relate the necessary information. Other very informative fact sheets can be found at

You will also see this information incorporated in the upcoming SSL Procurement Guide, published by greenTbiz / LED City Toronto in association with LEDs Magazine – see Solid-state education for the LED Nation!.