LEDs Magazine September 2011 issue

Sept. 19, 2011
The September 2011 issue of LEDs Magazine is now available.

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Cree has acquired Ruud Lighting (p.19), which has supplied LED lights for numerous projects, including this one at San Francisco airport.

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Street-lighting market shows momentum is behind quality luminaires
A new market-research report from Strategies Unlimited indicates that street-lighting applications are taking off, though the market is currently suffering from a temporary setback.

SIL EUROPE PREVIEWStrategies in Light Europe addresses LED lighting market challenges With a theme of “Enhancing the Quality and Performance of LED Lighting,” this year’s Strategies in Light Europe 2011 conference takes place in Milan, Italy on October 4-6.MARKETSLighting market report predicts strong growth for LED lighting, varying by application A recently-released report from McKinsey & Company on the worldwide lighting industry indicates sizable growth for LED-based lighting, says LAURA PETERS.
CONFERENCE: DOE WORKSHOP DOE workshop discusses LED success stories, labeling programs and quality issues Presenters at the DOE SSL Market Introduction Workshop looked at the SSL success stories, analyzed different cost-reduction strategies and ways of reporting luminaire reliability, and examined the implications of the FTC Lighting Facts label. LAURA PETERS reports from Seattle.
BUSINESSGetting the innovation right: the need for evaluation, measurement & validation of LED lighting Success in the solid-state lighting market requires a system-engineering approach that demonstrates real value to customers, where results can be validated by real-world testing, as MARTHA CARNEY and JIM FAY explain.
INFRARED LEDsLEDs enable an optimal near-infrared sensing system Today’s high-efficiency, low-cost, near-infrared (NIR) LEDs and lasers enable many commercial applications. A few straightforward formulas can help the designer approximate the performance of an NIR sensing system and then optimize it to best handle the real-world variables of a particular application, as ROLF WEBER explains.
CONFERENCE: SEMICON WESTSemicon West delivers technology update on LED manufacturing A day-long LED session at semiconductor tradeshow Semicon West addressed efficiency droop, MOCVD developments, new packaging schemes, and epitaxial layer transfers, reports Maury Wright.
METROLOGYPrecision tools support critical PSS metrology from R&D through high-volume LED fabrication The different capabilities of the atomic-force microscope and the white-light interferometer are well suited to the metrology demands of high-brightness LEDs built on patterned sapphire substrates, explains XIAOMEI LI. PROCESS CONTROLAdvanced analysis and control systems could multiply yields in LED manufacturing processes Significant yield enhancements in LED fabrication can be achieved by the integration of yield analysis, fault detection and classification, and run-to-run process control, says MICHAEL PLISINSKI. DESIGN FORUMBrighter LEDs can simplify driver designs LED vendors are producing components that can operate at higher drive currents and produce more lumens, and system designers can move to a simpler two-stage driver as the number of LEDs in a fixture is reduced, explains BERNIE WEIR.LAST WORDLarge-area LED display industry faces pricing and supply challenges The LED display industry needs intelligent pricing that enables sustainable businesses, as well as a secure supply chain, including reliable LED suppliers, writes PETER PIHOS of EDG RESEARCH.

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SSL industry activity fans the flame in a simmering summer


  • Philips wins L Prize for 60W-replacement LED lamp
  • Osram IPO under threat
  • Cree buys Ruud, shows 152 lm/W prototype LED lamp
  • GE acquires Lightech, invests in Nuventix
  • US House votes down incandescent bulb-ban bill
  • LEDs may be reaching “tipping point” with electrical contractors
  • Osram extends LED patent battle against Samsung and LG