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Nanotherm DM fills a gap in the market for high-technology thermal management substrates. The extraordinary thermal performance of Nanotherm DM places it alongside ceramics such as aluminium nitride (AIN) making it ideal for use in applications such as high power LED packaging and for UV LED modules. Whilst Nanotherm DM offers the performance of aluminium nitride it has the robustness, area dimensions and manufacturability of a standard aluminium MCPCB.

Manufacturing options
We work with the world’s leading thin-film direct metalisation manufacturers to circuitise Nanotherm DM. The process atomically bonds the circuit to the ceramic creating the best possible thermal performance and adhesion. The process builds high definition circuits so the track and gap definition can be much finer than possible with a standard PCB reductive process.

Through holes and features
Nanotherm’s technology makes the manufacture of electrically isolated through holes for double-sided circuits simple. The Nanoceramic conversion gives a perfect dielectric finish to the drilled holes so when circuitised the holes can be filled with copper creating the connections for a double-sided circuit.

Key information
Composite thermal conductivity: 152 W/mK
Nanoceramic dielectric thermal conductivity: 7 W/mK
High operating temperature: 350 °C
Pb-free solder compatible
ROHS compliant
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