Off Grid Black Spot Intersection - Full Power All Night Operation
Off Grid Black Spot Intersection - Full Power All Night Operation
The GFS-400 is designed for large car parks, intersections, streets and roadways.

The 9 Metre 60-100W Solar Street Light is designed to run at full power all night.

Fully inclusive kit comes with everything required for installation including underground metalwork and bolts. An optional Underground support cage is also available for sandy & coastal soils.
Technical specifications:

24V DC operation – meaning NO need for electricians to install or repair this system
Simple footing design (650 diameter hole)
Colour-coded quick release wiring system for simple installation no screwdrivers required
No photo sensor (day night switch) which is 90% of failures in street lights.
No underground services required (No electrical power needed, our street light is fully self sufficient for power up to 14 hours a day)
All electronics and batteries are located above ground level (keeps reliability high and servicing easy)
Maintenance does NOT require pole to be lowered
High vandal resistance (heavy duty guard on back of solar panel, and poly-carbonate lens on light for high rock resistance
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