Fulmar H 60
Fulmar H 60
Fulmar H family of industrial luminaires is an update of gold medal wining Fulmar series. Letter „H“ in the name stands for high efficiency as these luminaires feature considerably high efficacy up to 155 lm/w. That brings even greater electricity savings and reduces electricity bill. Same as in the previous series Fulmar H has a DALI control option, only this time with more straightforward lighting. Also we have extended the lifetime up to 80,000 hours L80B10.

Fulmar H can be used to illuminate everything ranging from warehouses, bus stations, airports to car parking lots, car wash or cold storages from 2 m to 30 m height. Rigid construction, strong and light aluminum body, IP65 protection class, stable performance in a great temperature range from -20°C to +60°C guarantees reliable and long lasting performance in any conditions. Fulmar H luminairies come with 5 year warranty.

Parking lots, car wash
Industrial facilities
Gas stations
Bus and train stations, airports

Efficacy up to 155 lm/W
Easy mounting: ceiling, wall, suspended
IP65 protection class
DALI control available
Made in Europe
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