Emergence LED Light Panels are a unique adaptation of a LED technology providing in near full-spectrum illumination for any fluorescent fixture - an effective strategy for reducing a facility’s electricity bill for general illumination by a documented 50-85% while improving the visual quality and output of light via ‘edge lighting’ technology.

Emergence LED Panels can adapt high lumen LEDs with varying CRI from >80 to 95, including the near total elimination of any blue light spectrum. Coupled with a wireless remote control or 2.4G+WIFI technology it creates a work plane changing CCT between warm white, natural white and day light seamlessly. Panels can be individually controlled for color temperature and/or dimming or grouped together by area at the end-user’s discretion.

The ultra slim profile fits seamlessly into any work place. Various installation approaches are available for embedded into a ceiling, suspended with hanging wires, or surface mounted in a concrete ceiling using a mounting frame.
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