Five Friday thoughts to top off the week in LED lighting

Sept. 15, 2017
Instead of dwelling on my to-do list {rolls out a mile-long ream of parchment}, I thought I would float out five thoughts on LED lighting happenings — in 550 words or less.

Instead of dwelling on my to-do list {rolls out a mile-long ream of parchment}, I thought I would float out five thoughts on LED lighting happenings — in 550 words or less. Catchy, right?

1. Fall is here; i.e., events are picking up again.

This past week, chief editor Maury Wright visited lovely Austin, TX, where he both attended and spoke at the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Street and Area Lighting Conference (SALC). In one word, what was the major discussion point? “CCT.” That’s right. There is yet more talk and, dare I say, controversy about the CCT of outdoor lighting. Check out a recent blog that links to the on-demand webcast held with Bob Parks, who talked about visibility, glare, uniformity, and other details that have bearing on this tricky topic. And we’ll hear more about SALC in upcoming issues of the magazine.

2. IoT is not going away — but it’s still in its infancy.

Our contributor Mark Halper has a lot to say about the Internet of Things (IoT) and has a real nose for the lesser-known players in the smart technology space that are pushing past boundaries once held tight by lighting manufacturers. We are not saying connected lighting is about to blow up, because the level of installation is slower compared to what is being reported on as far as partnerships and projects; take note of Strategies Unlimited analyst Philip Smallwood’s takeaways from his Strategies in Light market presentation earlier this year. So the market will take a while to prove out. But it is coming, and many in the lighting industry have already categorically stated that those who are not on the smart lighting ship will be left in port.

3. Vertical markets are demonstrating the unique value proposition of solid-state lighting.

If you read last week’s blog, you learned along with me what the Lighting Research Center has been working on. Consider that a representative sample of the breadth of this industry and the vertical markets that are brimming with scientific advances and business opportunities. Our LED & Lighting Network has established one-day conferences on horticultural lighting, lighting for health and wellbeing, and connected lighting in retail, for example, to deliver the latest information on these applications. And these new developments are exciting to track.

4. California continues to drive energy reduction programs.

The State of California’s university system is seeking bidders for a program called the Million Lamp Challenge. While some are challenging state standards that call for stricter lamp performance, this program still shows that California is committed to energy usage reductions and will back programs that agencies believe will drive down the exorbitant expense and consumption, leading by example in state facilities.

5. Stop what you’re doing and enter the Sapphire Awards.

You still have time today to complete your Sapphire Awards entries and stake your claim to innovation in illumination. We’re seeing many announcements on lighting projects, component developments, new SSL designs, and more. Know this: Being acknowledged as a pioneer, whether finalist or winner, will bring you well deserved recognition, making people stand up and take note of what you’re capable of. You’ll raise the bar — and that can only improve and further the progress of the SSL industry.