IN MEMORIAM | Remembering William ‘Bill’ Brown, Bill Brown Sales and A.L.P.

Feb. 14, 2024
Brown and his wife grew the business from their family home in the 1950s, turning the small component sales agency into a well-known, one-stop firm for lighting OEMs.

LEDs Magazine has learned that Bill Brown Sales founder and chair William “Bill” Brown has passed away at the age of 95.

Brown’s distinguished career spanned nearly 70 years, from the humble home-based beginnings of the Bill Brown Sales (BBS) component sales agency alongside his wife, Norma, to the founding of manufacturing business A.L.P and beyond, through the lighting industry transition from conventional light sources to LEDs. A recipient of multiple lifetime achievement awards and a supporter of multiple charitable and Jewish community organizations, Brown was highly regarded by the lighting community and handed down a significant legacy to his family in the core business values he espoused.

“Bill’s entrepreneurial talent and engaging personality made him a central figure in the lighting community, and his enduring relationships will remain his legacy,” BBS and A.L.P said in a company statement announcing Brown’s passing.

The organization points to the successes achieved through BBS and A.L.P. as a result of Brown’s relationships with industry stakeholders. “Bill created growth opportunities by listening, learning, and finding new ways to meet customer needs,” the company said.

BBS and A.L.P. continue to be driven by family support, as Brown’s sons have served as executives and board members, while two of his grandchildren serve in sales and operations roles. “The values Bill Brown instilled, including mutual respect, philanthropy, and good old-fashioned hard work, will remain as the company’s guiding principles, honoring his memory for years to come,” the company said.

*Edited and condensed from BBS/A.L.P. announcement.

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