Architect Lawrence Scarpa to keynote at LightSPEC West

Sept. 7, 2022
Co-founder of Los Angeles–based firm Brooks + Scarpa will discuss the results of combining 'poetry' and 'problem-solving' in designing the built environment for meaningful experiences.

Great architects understand that light is a powerful force in design. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe said, “Visual truth lies in the structure of light.” Steven Holl believed that “a building speaks through the silence of perception orchestrated by light.” And Le Corbusier left us with the majestic, “Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light.”

Architect Lawrence Scarpa sees things through the lens of design and the needs of the end users of the spaces he creates. “If you can bring poetry and beauty to the problem-solving process of design, it makes it that much better,” says the principal of Los Angeles architectural firm Brooks + Scarpa. The work of the firm, which Scarpa co-founded with managing principal Angela Brooks, is a testament to the ways in which light is an essential partner to architecture. Their projects, which include affordable housing, museums, government buildings, residences, and institutional buildings, celebrate the interplay of light and volume, texture and contrast, and accessibility and narrative.

On Sept. 22, Scarpa will be presenting the keynote for the second day of LightSPEC West, in Los Angeles. His talk, "Discovery through design: A journey toward light," will cover how his firm explores design as a way to connect people, places, and experiences, and review the processes behind the actual creation of our physical environment. He will discuss how client participation in the design process results in more meaningful and thoughtful buildings, and share design projects that successfully integrate beauty, delight, health, and wellness with best practices in sustainability and innovation. And he will share how, ultimately, all design disciplines can collaborate more effectively project inception to operation and maintenance, and to renovation and recycling.

Scarpa and Brooks are the co-recipients of the 2022 American Institute of Architects’ Gold Medal, the AIA’s highest annual honor. Their multidisciplinary practice includes architecture, landscape architecture, planning, environmental design, materials research, and graphic, furniture, and interior design services. Their work, which seamlessly blends architecture, art, and craft, has garnered international acclaim for the creative use of materials and challenges conventional approaches to fully enhance the human experience. The firm has also been recognized for pioneering more holistic approaches to delivering environmentally responsive designs. By reworking the processes of design and building — with material, form, construction, light, and even financing — Brooks + Scarpa culls latent potentials in their projects to turn the ordinary into extraordinary.

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In addition to his role as program director for LightSPEC West conferences, CLIFTON STANLEY LEMON is a contributor to LEDs Magazine and CEO of Clifton Lemon Associates, a consultancy providing strategy, marketing, and education services to the lighting and energy industries.

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Clifton Stanley Lemon | Strategies in Light Conference Co-Chair

In addition to his roles as conference program director for LightSPEC West and LightSPEC Midwest events, Clifton is a contributor to LEDs Magazine and CEO of Clifton Lemon Associates, a consultancy providing strategy, marketing, and education services to the lighting and energy industries. He was formerly business development director for the California Energy Alliance; marketing communications manager for Soraa; director of business development at Integral Group; and founder and CEO of BrandSequence. An active writer and speaker and a past president of the Illuminating Engineering Society, San Francisco section, Clifton has extensive experience in curriculum development for professional training in lighting and energy efficiency. Along with Randall Whitehead, Clifton is the co-author of Beautiful Light: An Insider’s Guide to LED Lighting in Homes and Gardens (Taylor and Francis, 2021).