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Oct. 15, 2021
UPDATE: Our Strategies in Light archive period has been extended to Dec. 31! Catch resources you may have missed, and brush up on front-and-center themes from our coverage.

As we move deeper into the fall season here, the clock is running out on access to the extensive resources in the Strategies in Light digital event program. If you’ve registered, you can still log in to view presentations, video Quick Chats, product demonstrations and executive summaries, plus download speaker materials, informational whitepapers, and reports from within the event platform. You can also still purchase an on-demand pass and access these materials.

UPDATE: The Strategies in Light archive access has been extended to Dec. 31, 2021! Purchase an on-demand pass at www.strategiesinlight.com.

Subscribers will have seen the October issue of LEDs Magazine land this week, with not one but two great pieces of content revolving around Strategies in Light and the viewpoints that could clear new paths to evolving business strategy for the LED and solid-state lighting (SSL) sectors. Chief editor Maury Wright opened the issue with his column focusing on Keynoter Jim Collin’s proposal that the industry rethink the offerings and implementation of lighting in tenant-driven scenarios. Lighting-as-a-Service (LaaS) is not a new concept but it doesn’t appear to have grown deep roots in the SSL business portfolio. Indeed, you can read in a 2014 blog from former Strategies Unlimited analyst Shonika Vijay that the prospects for LaaS were rosy since “our lighting industry is moving toward a direction where our lighting systems are getting smarter and more energy efficient. However, the average consumer cannot keep up with these changes in lighting and resort back to using old, familiar, and inefficient lighting technologies.” Vijay noted that the payback over time in energy savings plus the accountability of manufacturers and suppliers in such a model could create a continuous cycle of quality improvement and upgrades.

After reading that, compare it to the tone to a 2018 feature by contributing editor Mark Halper. In that article, Halper revealed several projects and commercial end users already benefiting from the guaranteed performance (uptime, light levels) and cost advantages built into the LaaS model. Indeed, Halper even mentioned financial regulations that could deliver additional gains in terms of company investment and what qualifies as debt being carried as an expense. And the potential for advanced Internet of Things (IoT) functionality to be delivered as part of the service isn’t off the table, although it is still slow to pick up.

Circling back to the recent days of Strategies in Light and the current issue, Wright tied the Collin Keynote on light quality, experience-based design, and flipping the traditional lighting business model together with talks on lighting that put human and environmental wellbeing as the top priority in developing products and design guidance for achieving those objectives. Setting the standard for high quality and proper potency for day-active people in commercial and educational settings in particular, Wright said, “would be good medicine for an industry seeking to escape the grip of a pandemic.”

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