How can connected lighting be employed in a post-pandemic workplace?

July 17, 2020
We’re exploring a vision of connected lighting that applies workable insights to healthier commercial buildings and other campuses.

As many workplaces begin to welcome employees back to the office or campus amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, there are lots of concerns on our minds. How many people are in the building at any given time? Does the office layout allow for social distancing? What areas need extra cleaning attention? And why does somebody always leave one scrap of paper towel on the roll without replacing it?

All right, I’ll concede that last one slid in rather sneakily and isn’t quite on topic. What really interests me is how the ambitious do-ers in the LED and solid-state lighting (SSL) sectors might apply themselves to these questions. As we are aware, connected lighting has the ability to bump up its intelligence factor by networking various devices in an Internet of Things (IoT) scheme. LEDs Magazine has featured content on various use-cases for connected lighting that collects and conveys data between sensors to central management systems, in applications such as indoor positioning and location services in retail, tracking equipment in healthcare, and security monitoring in commercial operations. So we know the technology is available and ready to connect, bringing awareness and insights to smart buildings and campuses.

So how can this technology be integrated to address health and safety concerns? What smart building products, platforms, and services are being proven out right now? We want to hear from lighting designers/specifiers, building technology integrators, lighting companies, and partners in the reader audience who are working on ways that smart technology can equip a lighting-centric system with actionable insights that will ease health concerns and focus facilities management efforts where they are needed. Examples might include contact tracing, social distancing, occupancy management, and other measures. Send your press releases or case study summaries to me via e-mail and we’ll consider them for inclusion in an upcoming round-up. Technologies and products mentioned should be commercially available within the calendar year.

Bonus bragging rights if you have any solution to the paper towel predicament. Happy Friday!

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