The floor is yours, in a manner of speaking

June 12, 2020
After several iterations in web technology over the past couple of years, we are pleased to report that user commenting is again enabled on our website.

Growing pains are always, well, a pain. But the end result is usually positive. I am merely reflecting on the changes that time has wrought upon us, and more to the point, on our web platform and functionality. I am pleased to announce that we have user commenting functionality back!

Some of you in the audience may remember when we had some lively and engaging comments on our site and we lament that those were unfortunately unable to be migrated when we changed our commenting platform a couple years back now. And subsequently, as our website design evolved, we were without a commenting tool for a time.

At the time of a particular debate on outdoor lighting, we even experienced some controversy over whether the comments were removed because our team took issue with the points that were being debated. Chief editor Maury Wright has addressed this previously in past newsletters, but I will reiterate: We have not and will not remove a user comment that disagrees with a viewpoint we have expressed nor one that contradicts a point made by any contributor or another user as long as it doesn’t break our professional courtesy “meter.” Indeed, we welcome respectful and clear feedback, whether it matches our perspectives or not. But please keep in mind common courtesies. We will of course not tolerate any blatant disrespect, name calling, comments of a personal nature, comments that go off topic onto hot-button issues that are not relevant to the content under discussion, and any form of “trolling” I am sure that you as professionals understand exactly what I am referring to. And we pledge to you to stay on top of any spam comments and kick them to the curb.

The registration process is very simple and user friendly. So fire up your logins and prepare to engage constructively! You should still e-mail us for any inquiries, especially those about possible editorial content submissions.

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