Strategies in Light opens Call for Abstracts

May 8, 2020
Help Wanted: Seeking LED and SSL professionals who want to be an integral part of the industry roadmap for transforming lighting through new connections and applications.

I have written in this space before requesting participation from you in the audience when the Call for Abstracts has opened for Strategies in Light. This year, I have an even greater respect for those who put their proposals into consideration and took the podium, having attended the 2020 Strategies in Light conference and gained some in-person insight into how the program unfolds.

I encourage you to consider submitting a proposal for presentation at the 2021 Strategies in Light. Our team is looking for forward thinkers and leaders who are setting the pace of research & development as well as commercial application of LED and solid-state lighting (SSL) technology. The breadth of suggested topics offers something for all stakeholders in the LED, SSL, and lighting controls sectors. The advisory board is looking for:

  • Topics across industry dynamics, from adoption trends to the impacts of COVID-19 on business and design practices to market health and drivers
  • Proposals that delve into emerging/developing markets such as lighting for health and wellbeing, ultraviolet (UV) applications of LED technology, and horticultural SSL, as well as markets that are moving into maturity connected lighting, building controls, and IoT
  • Additional value propositions, advances, and case studies in controls, connected lighting, and the Internet of Things
  • Enabling technology and luminaire design and manufacturing advances, component trends and roadmaps, and lots more

I won’t get any more granular on topics because they have put together a comprehensive list already. Let’s instead turn to why you should bring your work to the mix. At this past conference, I was pleased to see that both content and format were considered in the arrangement of the program. There is really nothing like getting a first-person perspective on how developments in components have influenced the evolution of lighting technology, which in turn led to presentations on new approaches for controls and systems integration, but alongside the timeline there was also the reality of figures on market penetration, why are things moving the way they are, how much opportunity remains, and what the challenges might be. Panel discussions also presented an opportunity to hear several experts deliberate on various angles of a technology, application, or standards for implementation.

"We're bringing an entirely new focus to SIL this year, moving beyond mature technologies and components, and emphasizing how lighting is becoming increasingly connected to other building systems. Pandemics and climate change are driving the global evolution of strategies for increased resilience on every level — economic, technological, financial, political, social, and governmental. What I'm most excited about in SIL 2021 are the ways in which we're bringing thought leaders from both inside and outside the lighting industry together to light the way forward with practical yet visionary strategic innovations and resources." — Clifton Stanley Lemon, Strategies in Light Co-Chair

The LED and SSL community benefits from compelling presentation of business-driving information that is timely and relevant to advancing lighting in the built environment. Peer review and acceptance of your proposed presentation puts you in quality company, and presenting during Strategies in Light helps build awareness of your expertise and brings additional networking opportunities your way.

Submit your abstracts by June 19, 2020.

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