Best Buy installs LED replacement lamps from CRS Electronics

The retailer will install 35,000 MR16 LED lamps at various locations.

Best Buy Co, Inc., a multinational retailer of technology and entertainment products, has made a commitment to replace 35,000 50-watt halogen lamps with 6-watt LED-based MR16 lamps from LED lighting manufacturer CRS Electronics Inc.

The initial rollout of 3,150 replacement lamps will be delivered this month to 50 Best Buy locations. They will be used to highlight digital camera displays and Magnolia Home Theater system rooms, where the capability of dimming lights is essential to provide customers with optimal real-life settings.

Scott Riesebosch, president of CRS Electronics, says that his company created "a new standard in fixture compatibility" to accommodate Best Buy's specific requirements.

"Our new driver technology allows our lamps to maintain superior performance and [to] dim on electronic transformers and industry-standard dimmers," said Riesebosch. "Electronic transformer-powered light fixtures represent a significant portion of the market, which, until now have not been able to utilize LEDs without flickering."

The replacement lamps are expected to generate an 80% reduction in electrical demand and consumption for Best Buy. "After testing our LED MR16 product in their retail environment, the decision to reduce energy while maintaining quality was easy," said Riesebosch.

CRS says that its LED MR16 lamps have a "unique" driver-system technology that allows them to be dimmable while still maintaining "best-in-class" color rendering and lumen output.

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