Taiwan Trade Centre organizes LED lighting showcase for UK

An event hosted in a London gallery will showcase LED lighting products from Taiwan, focusing on how the products combine with modern art, decoration, and everyday life.

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Fig. 1. Event poster
According to the Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association (PIDA), Taiwan is the second-largest LED manufacturing country in the world in terms of output quantity and revenue. However, with target revenue of US$17.5 billion by 2015, the Taiwan government also plans for the island to become the world’s largest manufacturing centre for LED lighting modules and light sources; creating more than 50,000 jobs along the way.

Taiwan’s LED industry is flexible, creative and capable of providing quality services to fulfil the needs of different customers; indeed, its strength lies in the LED packaging segment and the LED chip-making sector, which PIDA says has generated roughly US$2.8 billion in total revenue last year. Already, corporations such as AU Optronics (AUO), TSMC and Chi Mei have all crossed over into the LED industry, creating yet another trillion-dollar industry in Taiwan.

Combined with quality LED products and services and an increasing demand for LED TV and other LED-related consumer-electronics applications, Taiwan can be expected to offer UK’s booming green-energy market a lot of benefit. Hence, the Taiwan Trade Centre London has decided to cooperate with the Taiwan government as well as several well-established Taiwan LED suppliers and worldwide media sponsors such as LEDs Magazine, the largest professional B2B LED industry magazine in the world, to bring the UK public a uniquely creative and high-tech event.

The “Taiwan LED Lighting Exhibition - Lighting up UK, Switch on to a brighter future!” takes place on October 27-29, 2011 at GuSu Gallery, a high-end Taiwanese art gallery in London’s west end.

Fig.2. Navitas LED Glass Brick
Not only will this event introduce Taiwan LED lighting products to the UK market, it will also demonstrate how the combination of these products with modern art, decoration, and everyday life in the UK creates a totally unique atmosphere and experience for visitors.

Thanks to the addition of special elements to the event such as Taiwanese food and snacks, orchids, and creative home ware, visitors will be able to fully understand just how creative Taiwan LED lighting products are, as well as experience the blending of two different cultures.

For 3 days only, Gusu gallery in Notting Hill Gate will be transformed into a green-energy hub. With the use of its very own Taiwan LED spotlights shining upon recycled wooden pallets and beautiful multi-coloured Taiwanese orchids, it will be a sight not to be missed.

Several renowned Taiwanese LED lighting-products suppliers in the UK will showcase various products ranging from architectural and decorative lighting to industrial lighting. These will include award-winning products such as the multi-coloured LED glass brick (Fig. 2) and the multi-coloured mood lamp (Fig. 3), for hospitality (hotels/restaurants/bars) lighting.

Fig. 3. Yantouch JellyFish
In addition, to put more emphasis on the quality and image of Taiwan’s technology and to demonstrate how it can be integrated creatively into everyday life in the UK, showcased LED lighting will be displayed and used in conjunction with specially-designed contemporary Taiwanese products exhibited at the 100% Design fair in London.

An opening ceremony exclusive to buyers and journalists will be held on October 27, 2011 from 4:00-6:00 pm. This is a special afternoon based on invitation only. The following two days of the exhibition will be open to the public. Brochures and LEDs Magazine copies will be available throughout the exhibition for anyone interested in finding out more about the event’s exhibitors, products, sponsors, and the LED lighting industry.

This new and exciting way of combining the different uses of pure technology and interior design will create different atmospheres which people do not generally associate with LED lighting products. It will portray a new image of the Taiwanese LED industry to the UK public: from standard industrial, to high-end quality.

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