WEBCAST: Testing Times - Standards and Measurement Requirements for LEDs and Luminaires

This webcast discusses standards and measurement requirements for LEDs and luminaires, and is applicable to specifiers, designers and manufacturers of LED-based products.

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Title: Testing Times: Standards and Measurement Requirements for LEDs and Luminaires

Originally Broadcast: Wednesday August 25, 2010

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  • Greg McKee, Labsphere, General Manager System Business Unit
  • Rob Leonard, Director of Sales and Marketing for Orb Optronix Inc.

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LEDs are rapidly becoming the option for lighting design, from architectural lighting systems to medical diagnostic equipment, display systems, street lights, etc.

Throughout the development process from R&D through production and packaging to Luminaire design there are many industry standards that need to be met.

The various standard-setting bodies and different standards for each level in the process will be discussed by Greg McKee of Labsphere.

Rob Leonard of Orb Optronix will discuss testing requirements and methods for predicting the performance of LEDs and LED systems in product design. The successful implementation of LED technology requires an intimate understanding of performance metrics such as spectral power distribution, color, wavelength, voltage, flux, statistical variability and many other metrics, over a wide range of temperature and electrical drive conditions. Rob will be introducing tools capable of delivering this parametric data simply.

The webcast will specifically cover:

  • Overview of the evolution of photometry of light sources and new trends (Then, now and what’s on the horizon)
  • Presentation of the various preferred methods for measuring critical parameters of LED
  • Discussion on importance of thermal, electrical and optical characterization of LED characteristics and how it helps designers.

SPONSOR: Labsphere

Labsphere sets the world standard for innovative light measurement technology. Products include light measurement systems for LEDs, lasers, and traditional light sources; uniform light sources to calibrate imaging devices and camera systems in the visible and IR; and reflectance standards for calibrating spectroscopic measurement systems. Labsphere also provides custom systems and components to OEMs in industries including spectroscopy, laser diode test and measurement, semiconductor, and medical.
For more information, please visit: www.labsphere.com.

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Orb Optronix offers the most innovative and useful LED test and measurement products in the world to meet the needs of real-world LED technology implementation. Designing LED-based products just got a whole lot easier for companies using Orb’s complete electrical-thermal-optical LED characterization systems. In addition, Orb is a premier OEM HB LED design partner, offering engineering services in optical, thermal, electrical, mechanical and industrial engineering, as well as, a world-class LED measurement laboratory facility.
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Greg McKee

Greg McKee is the General Manager of Labsphere's Systems Business Unit. He leads the business unit in producing and selling standard and custom light metrology and remote sensing calibration systems.

Greg is an active member of CORM, presently serving as its Secretary. He has served as Chairman of CORM Technical Committee Subcommittee CR-4 Integrating Flux Devices. Under his direction CR-4 created a CORM publication "Bibliography of Integrating Sphere Papers." Past activities include Chairman of the Illuminating Engineers Society Technical Procedures Photometry of Light Source Subcommittee where he managed the creation and revisions of standard test procedures of light sources. Greg is currently actively participates in the TPC for Light Sources, SSL TPC and LTEC.

Rob Leonard

Rob Leonard has been responsible for Sales and Marketing at Orb Optronix, Inc. since the company's founding in 2006. Rob provides sales leadership across the organization and has created and grown Orb Optronix's Measurement Services Division for characterization of LEDs. This division has provided the basis for many of Orb's laboratory-ready products including its Electrical-Thermal-Optical LED Characterization System (ETO) and now offers complete IES Photometric Test Services including LM-79 and Lumen Maintenance Testing per LM-80.

Rob has worked with Orb Optronix's clients ranging from garage inventors to major corporate clients across fields as diverse as toys, lighting and defense. Recently, he oversaw the first demonstration of a project he is particularly proud to have brought to Orb and Labsphere - the U.S. Department of Energy's Lumen Maintenance Test Facility at Pacific Northwest National Laboratories for the verification of lamp submissions to compete for the coveted L-Prize - a culmination of his work in creating innovative products and developing partnerships with companies and government agencies.

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