LEDs Magazine top 20 stories of 2012: Retrofit lamps stay on top

Retrofit lamp stories were the most popular according to LEDs Magazine web readership statistics, followed by financial stories, technology stories, and then new product releases.

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Another year is coming to end, and we at LEDs Magazine are taking a look back at the top stories that grabbed our readers' interest. Following in the footsteps of 2011, retrofit lamps were once again the hottest solid-state-lighting (SSL) topic. However, this year financial stories came in just behind retrofit lamps, with stories featuring new technologies coming in third.


Coverage of new retrofit lamps, along with articles on the technology behind them, rated very highly in 2012. With companies such as Phillips Lighting, GE Lighting, Osram Sylvania, and 3M introducing retrofit lamps, and the technology being in such high demand, it’s no surprise that retrofit lamps were at the top of the list, and all over the top 10.

Financial forecasts and reports were placed four times in the top ten, and the growth just keeps on coming. The LED market is expanding at such a rapid rate, having grown 10% in the past year, and you, our readers, have been keen on staying up to date with the latest market news.


Technology articles were popular in 2012 as well. An article on using LEDs at a higher drive current, delivering more lumens than in the past was particularly eye-catching, and, of course, retrofit lamp technology articles were very popular as well.

Our readers were also interested in staying up to date on the most recent LED products, with new product coverage making up several of the stories in the top ten, and half of the stories between 11th and 20th on the list.

This year brought plenty of good news to the SSL industry, and the retrofit market in particular is looking very strong. With technology still advancing at a rapid pace, we at LEDs Magazine are looking forward to what 2013 will bring.

Top 20 LEDs Magazine news stories of 2012:

1. 3M announces novel approach to an LED retrofit lamp

A light guide provides omnidirectional light distribution in 3M's new LED-based lamp that is decidedly different from the typical SSL approach to the retrofit application.

2. LED lighting market to grow while LED component market goes flat (MAGAZINE)

Strategies Unlimited’s analysts believe that the LED lighting market is growing nicely, though they expect lower LED prices to keep a lid on LED-component growth in the foreseeable future. LAURA PETERS and MAURY WRIGHT report from the Strategies in Light conference.

3. Are MR16 LED lamps ready for the 50W-halogen switch? (MAGAZINE)

The MR16 LED lamps face certain transformer and dimmer compatibility issues. Still, major lamp manufacturers have introduced 50W halogen equivalents in 8-10W LED lamps and feel the lighting market is ready to make the switch, reports LAURA PETERS.

4. LED market grew almost 10% in 2011, with 44% growth in lighting

The worldwide LED market grew 9.8% to $12.5 billion in 2011, with 44% growth in the lighting sector, according to Strategies Unlimited, who revealed the top-ten LED suppliers for the year. However, the outlook remains roughly flat for the next 5 years, peaking in 2013.

5. UV LEDs ramp up the quiet side of the LED market (MAGAZINE)

Relative to visible LEDs, UV LEDs are a quiet market at only $30 million, yet recent breakthroughs in radiant power and intensity have enabled the displacement of mercury-vapor lamps in applications including UV curing and counterfeit detection, reports LAURA PETERS.

6. Philips Lighting and GE Lighting launch 100W LED retrofit lamps (Updated)

Lightfair will see a number of companies introduce SSL retrofit lamps that are equivalent of 100W incandescent bulbs and GE Lighting and Philips Lighting announced such products before the exhibits opened.

7. Ambergreat introduces Amberstar LED canopy light to replace 1000W MH lamps

8. Lighting market report predicts strong growth for LED lighting (MAGAZINE)

A recently-released report from McKinsey & Company on the worldwide lighting industry indicates sizable growth for LED-based lighting, says LAURA PETERS.

9. Low-voltage LED lamps present unique driver challenge (MAGAZINE)

MR16 sockets present a significant retrofit-lamp opportunity for LEDs, explains KAMAL NAJMI, but installed transformers complicate the design of a drop-in SSL replacement.

10. Soraa unveils GaN-on-GaN LEDs and MR16 lamps

Silicon Valley start-up Soraa is manufacturing LEDs using a unique GaN-on-GaN process, and has used these to build high-performance MR16 lamps that are its first products.

11. Are you using all of the lumens that you paid for? (MAGAZINE)

12. Osram Sylvania wins race to offer 100W-equivalent LED A-lamp (Updated)

13. LED lighting market holds steady in 2012 (MAGAZINE)

14. Audi’s LED headlights are key feature in Super Bowl ad

15. Cree targets luminaire system cost with new XLamp XB-D LED

16. Osram Opto unveils R&D results from GaN LEDs grown on silicon

17. GE introduces Lumination LED troffer

18. Cree Lighting announces striking street-light luminaire

19. Philips Lumileds and Cree launch multiple new LED lines

20. Philips launches color-tunable ZigBee-based LED retrofit lamp

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