Smart Leader of LED Grow Light

Oct. 4, 2021

Plants cannot survive without light. When obtaining energy from light, plants’ growth can bring more possibilities to human development. With agricultural activities started to recover from the pandemic, Guangzhou NaLite believes that the smart solution it provides can empower the plant growth to the next level. By working with, the first go-to place for brands to go digital, NaLite has solved the supply chain challenges in better ways, and reached various international buyers, facilitating NaLite and its clients’ communication and due diligence without the need for costly and time-consuming in-person visits.

With more than 10 years’ experience, NaLite is a diversified high-tech company combining R&D and manufacturing for intelligent control product. Partnered with over 50 LED grow light brands, NaLite offers OEM/ODM services to meet customers’ requirements and empower to build unique grow light markets. The rapid growth over the past decade has rendered NaLite an 8% global LED grow light share in LED grow lights, with a monthly production of more than 8,000 commercial LED grow lights. Its strong R&D team has experienced and skillful engineers that could help customers to build their own high-quality smart LED grow light, grow light, horticulture light, grow light led and LED light bar series to all customers worldwide. 

The development of NaLite also lies in its sustained pursuit of energy efficiency. The company has for the first time in the industry embedded Bluetooth wireless connection technology to LED grow light products, reducing artificial planting cost, saving energy consumption to promote output, and resulting to the establishment of its “LED grow light IoT” concept. The users could operate thousands of plant lights at the same time through mobile terminals, which is highly conducive to large-scale planting such as greenhouses and hydroponic equipment. With its ambition and vision to empower the market, NaLite aims to partner with 1,000 distributors globally, by 2030 to reach and provide services to outreach to over 1 billion end-users. As the existing partner to multinational conglomerates, NaLite has already worked with many world-renowned brands.

Exporting to North America, Europe, and Australia, NaLite owns a solid client base across the world. For instance, during the difficult times of the pandemic where offline communications chances were dismissed, the North American client, Tom, reached out to NaLite via, informing the company his procurement plan. Using a series of NaLite’s innovative spectra and control methods, the products contain CBD/THC content 15% higher than that of other similar products. Such breakthrough was highly complimented by Tom, “The solution offered by NaLite was industry leading. My company is now amongst one of the most competitive brands in Canada.”

Indeed, the agility and R&D capability makes NaLite very competitive in the industry. Yet, without a proper “scout,” quality brands like NaLite could hardly be discovered from piles of worldwide suppliers in today’s digital space. Connecting dots amidst over 200,000 suppliers in 190 countries and regions, has launched the Elite Partner Event, aiming at providing international buyers with selected and verified suppliers like NaLite with solid brand, production, and supply chain capability.

As the globe seeks after smarter solutions to achieve sustainability, NaLite holds the vision that the future world would be smartly greener, just like how its logo indicates - a green space lit up by the LED bulb. In the future, NaLite will continue to pursue energy efficiency and grow "green".