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Feb. 1, 2005
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Blue and white LEDs - MULTIPLE LINKS
In the past several years, LED manufacturers have announced a wide range of patent licensing deals, but also continue to become embroiled in legal disputes.

Color Kinetics and Super Vision - MULTIPLE LINKS
The ongoing battle between Color Kinetics, Super Vision and the LED Alliance could have serious repercussions throughout the LED industry.


Cree files lawsuit against BridgeLux for patent infringement (Sep 06)
Cree is suing a rival chip maker over patents relating to light extraction structures used in LEDs, and to gallium nitride-based buffer technology.

New patents: Nichia, Permlight, Barco, Dialight, CAO, Boca Flasher (Sep 06)
US patents issued recently include an LED lighting fixture from Nichia and Daisho Denko, and a UV curing light from CAO Group.

Color Kinetics and Robe Show Lighting sign licensing deal (Sep 06)
Color Kinetics has signed another license agreement with a leading provider of entertainment lighting.

Toyoda Gosei calls for caution regarding LED patents (Aug 06)
Toyoda Gosei, a leading Japanese LED manufacturer, has issued a press release to advise competitors to be aware of its extensive patent portfolio.

Feature Articles

Patents: are they a blessing or a curse? (part 2) (Jul 06)
Part 2 of 3. Can a combination of well-known technologies be patented, and how can there be a series of patents going back in time to a small number of parent (original) patents?

Patents: are they a blessing or a curse? (part 1) (Jul 06)
The patent system is intended to encourage invention and innovation and should benefit the LED industry, provided that the need for litigation can be alleviated by licensing and avoiding infringement. Part 1 of 3.

IP issues influence fixture makers and LED suppliers
Jed Dorsheimer of Adams Harkness tells LEDs Magazine how the resolution of the Color Kinetics vs. Super Vision patent dispute could have a positive effect on the industry.

EPO aims to improve patent classification in LEDs field
Having seen a steep increase in the number of patent applications related to solid-state lighting, the European patent office is now taking steps to improve its classification to accommodate this new technology. LEDs Magazine talked to Johan van der Linden.

Small companies fight for a foothold in white LED sector
The white LED area is a minefield of patents, cross-licensing agreements and infringement lawsuits involving the big five manufacturers. Andrew Phillips of phconsult Ltd reports on a situation that can prove extremely daunting for new players entering the field.


Dialight signs patent license agreement with Color Kinetics (Jun 06)
Dialight's US subsidiary has licensed Color Kinetics’ LED color-mixing patents, and describes this as an important next step in driving forward its initiatives in the North American market.

Neo-Neon receives US patent covering LED Neon-Flex (Jun 06)
Neo-Neon was recently awarded a patent for a flexible LED lighting system to replace neon.

Color Kinetics licenses patents to iLight Technologies (Jun 06)
iLight Technologies, Inc has licensed Color Kinetics' patent portfolio to enter the market for color-changing LED lighting

Osram, Nichia file more white LED patent lawsuits (May 06)
Osram Opto Semiconductors has filed a patent infringement action against Taiwanese rival Kingbright, while Nichia has filed against a German company Moeller Electric.

Cree, Seoul sign LED chip supply and IP agreements (May 06)
Seoul Semiconductor will spend $40 million with Cree over the next 5 quarters, and the two companies have cross-licensed their white LED patents.

Industry IP alliance aims to help small LED suppliers (May 06)
Membership of the IP-Secure Lighting Alliance will provide a degree of confidence to LED integration customers.

Nichia files LED design patent action against Everlight (May 06)
Nichia is continuing its fight to prevent rivals from using its patented designs for LEDs used in mobile phones.

Martin licenses CK technology, moves into LED products (May 06)Color Kinetics has licensed its LED patent portfolio to Martin Professional, a leading manufacturer of automated entertainment lighting.

Color Kinetics awarded legal costs, Super Vision appeals (May 06)
Color Kinetics has been awarded around $1.4 million in costs against Super Vision but will not seek damages, following a ruling dating from August 2005.

Super Vision files new patent lawsuit against Color Kinetics (Apr 06)
Here we go again. Super Vision has filed a new lawsuit against Color Kinetics, alleging infringement of a Super Vision patent.

Nichia settles LED patent dispute with Epistar (Apr 06)
Nichia has dropped a patent lawsuit involving Epistar, thanks in part to Epistar's merger with UEC.

Neo-Neon refutes iLight Technologies patent lawsuit (updated) (Apr 06)
Neo-Neon has refuted claims that it has infringed iLight Technologies' patents, but iLight insists its case is valid.

Toyoda Gosei and Lumileds sign patent agreement (Apr 06)
Two premier LED manufacturers have signed an agreement allowing them to use each other's LED-related patents.

iLight Technologies sues two rivals in LED patent cases (Mar 06)
iLight Technologies has filed separate patent infringement lawsuits against two rivals, Tivoli Lighting and Fallon Luminous, to protect its Plexineon LED products.

Dominant clarifies outcome of Osram patent case (Mar 06)

Intematix licenses white LED phosphor to Kingbright (Mar 06)
Another LED maker has decided to make white LEDs using patented phosphor materials supplied by Intematix.

Nichia warns Harvatek, drops patent claim (Feb 06)
Nichia has contacted Harvatek to advise of alleged infringement of a design patent. Meanwhile, the Japanese LED maker is planning to give up its rights to a contentious wafer-manufacturing patent.

Osram and Avago sign LED patent cross-license agreement (Feb 06)
Two competing LED manufacturers have signed a patent deal covering white LEDs and LED system technology

Dominant also claims victory in Osram patent case (Feb 06)
Dominant says that the ITC ruling will allow it to compete aggressively in the US white LED market.

Osram Opto wins patent action in USA against Dominant (Feb 06)
Dominant has been told it must no longer sell certain LEDs in the USA, and Osram has also filed another lawsuit in Germany.

Nichia asserts design patents against Seoul Semiconductor (Jan 06)
Nichia has filed patent infringement claims against Seoul Semiconductor, a rival LED maker, and one of its customers.

Trade Commission probes Lumileds allegations (Dec 05)

Cree licenses white LED patent to Kingbright (Dec 05)

Nichia seeks provisional injunction against Taiwanese LED maker (Nov 05)

Osram and Lednium sign white LED license agreement (Nov 05)

Lumileds asserts AlGaInP patents against UEC and Epistar (Nov 05)

Color Kinetics and Litecontrol announce OEM agreement (Oct 05)

Ya Hsin licenses white LED technology from Osram (Sept 05)

Edison Opto, ProLightOpto license Intematix phosphors (Sept 05)

Neo-Neon receives patent for flexible LED cable lighting

New patents for Color Kinetics, Cyberlux & Nanosys

Nichia seeks injunction against white LED Christmas lights

Permlight sues Microsemi over defective LED products

New GB patent for TIR, recent US patent applications

Newly published LED-related US patent applications

Patent news: another patent for CK, plus recent applications

Color Kinetic receives patent for color-changing computers.

TIR receives patent covering LED delineation products

911EP files patent suit over LED emergency lights

TIR receives patent for LED-based clean-room illumination

Xilver and James Thomas license Super Vision portfolio

Permlight files LED patent infringement suit against GELcore

Color Kinetics licenses to James Thomas Engineering (30 March 2005)

Color Kinetics awarded patent for intelligent pool and spa lights (24 March 2005)

New US patent applications relating to LEDs (23 March 2005)

IP thieves beware, warns Lumileds (11 February 2005)


Nichia abandons the 404 patent (Mar 06)