Holophane Europe becomes an LIA Laboratory Registered photometric laboratory for lighting test

April 21, 2016
To become a Registered Photometric Laboratory, Holophane Europe Ltd were required to undergo a thorough inspection of their Laboratory in order to verify the adequacy of the photometric equipment, documentation and the technical competence of their staff.

They achieved this by passing the LIA Laboratories’ certification scheme covering Sphere Photometry, which verified the capability of their laboratory to test all the normal types of lighting products using an integrating sphere.

The importance of the Scheme, is that it provides an assurance for the validity of the photometric data published by Holophane Europe Ltd in relation to the performance of their lighting products.

Available to all lighting equipment manufacturers, the scope of this certification scheme covers the testing and measurement capabilities of their own manufactured products.

Manufacturers like Holophane Europe Ltd, who meet the requirements of the scheme, are permitted to describe their Laboratory as a ‘LIA Laboratory Registered Photometric Laboratory’ and the publishing of this statement, endorsed by the reputation of the LIA Laboratories’ (Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC 17065), gives an assurance of the validity of data to Holophane Europe Ltd’s customers.


The LIA Laboratories
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