Instrument Systems announces strong year-end results

Dec. 3, 2010
LED test and measurement company Instrument Systems has announced a 47% increase in revenue for its latest business year, and has also delivered its 1000th CAS 140CT series Array Spectrometer.
Instrument Systems GmbH, a test and measurement company based in Munich, Germany, has closed its business year 2009/2010 with the best results since the company was founded in 1986. The company's revenues rose by 47.1% to EUR 10.3 million, compared with EUR 7.0 million in 2008/2009.

Company founder and president Richard Distl said that the key driver for the enormous growth was the sustained boom in the LED industry which was due in particular to LED backlight units in LCD TV sets and the increasing use of LED technology in general illumination.

As well as having a strong presence in the LED measurement sector, Instrument Systems says that all the major companies in the automotive and aviation industries use its equipment when testing lighting components and displays in the vehicle interior or cockpit.

Instrument Systems' products are developed and manufactured in Munich, and the company generates 82% of its sales in foreign markets.

“We are proud of this record result and the outstanding work carried out by our employees,” said Distl. “We want to continue our growth trajectory in the current business year and are planning to double sales to approximately 20 million euros. We are dedicated to living up to the trust customers place in our work.”

Instrument System delivers 1000th CAS 140CT series spectrometer

In related news, Instrument System has delivered its 1000th CAS 140CT series Array Spectrometer, which is used primarily for LED measurement, as well as display measurement and for spectral-analysis tasks.

Equipped with high-performance detectors plus optical and electronic components, the seven CAS140 CT models cover a spectral range from 200 nm to 2160 nm. In combination with optimized control electronics, the technology permits precise acquisition and evaluation of spectra within a few milliseconds. The product is suitable for both R&D and production settings.

Instrument Systems says that its Array Spectrometer is widely used by all notable LED producers, in photometric laboratories, in the automotive industry and by mobile phone manufacturers.