Business news: Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Arima, Nanya, Intematix

May 23, 2006
Samsung Electro-Mechanics has established an LED research center, Arima has teamed up with fellow LED supplier Nanya, and Intematix has licensed its white LED phosphor technology to HPLighting.
In Korea, Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. Ltd has teamed up with Kwangju Institute of Science and Technology to establish an LED research center located at the institute's New Material Engineering building.

This new center will focus on the development of next-generation LEDs featuring high efficiency and high performance.

The center will help Samsung broaden its areas of interest from mobile phones to LCD TVs and LED modules. SEM will also focus on the lighting market – see Samsung Electro-Mechanics targets LED lighting market.

The company also plans to expand its workforce and cooperate with other institutions locally and overseas to upgrade its R&D.

In related news, Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd. has ordered two more MOCVD mass production systems for the growth of gallium nitride (GaN) material used to make blue and white LEDs. German system suppliers Aixtron will ship the systems during the first half of 2006.

Arima and Nanya team up to boost LED production

Two Taiwanese companies, Arima Optoelectronics Corp. and Nanya Photonics Inc., have formed a strategic alliance, entailing a share in production of blue chip LEDs and chip AlGaInP LEDs.

Arima President P.J. Wang said that the alliance will boost Arima's capacity for all its LED product lines, and that other LED products will be included once Nanya Photonics' technology matures. Arima Optoelectronics' LED division accounted for 52 percent of its total sales last year, while its laser diode business represented 44 percent.

Earlier this year, Arima acquired a majority stake in Advanced Epitaxy Technology, increasing its monthly capacity for AlGaInP LEDs to 600 million units and GaN LEDs to 300 million units.

Intematix licenses phosphors to HPLighting

Phosphor supplier Intematix is to supply its line of patent-backed phosphors to High Power Lighting Corp, of Tucheng Taiwan.

HPLighting, a Taiwanese/Japanese joint venture formed in 2005, will use Intematix White Lightning WL-NY450TM / WL-NY460TM, and other color phosphors, to address the burgeoning large LCD backlight market along with other high-profile application areas.

HPLighting is a Taiwan and Japan joint venture company specializing in new types of LED packaging designs and manufacturing targeted for backlighting LCDs larger than 7 inches, as well as for automotive and general lighting applications.

Charles Wei, HPLighting President and CEO, said "Larger backlight units, automotive and general lighting all require specific color rendering be met with accuracy and consistency. HPLighting intends on using the Intematix' patent-backed phosphor in those high-profile applications as we introduce new approaches that will capture an exciting share of the solid-state lighting marketplace."