Dialight moves LED lighting assembly work to Newmarket

Oct. 24, 2008
Producing LED lighting products in its high-volume facility will enable Dialight to more easily meet international quality standards.
Dialight is moving European production of LED lighting products from its engineering and business development base in York, UK, to its manufacturing facility in Newmarket, UK, starting October 28. The company said the move is in response to the continuing worldwide growth in demand for high quality LED lighting products.

This growth has been accompanied by customer demand for higher levels of quality assurance and third party approvals such as UL, ENEC and ATEX. By centralizing production at Newmarket, all of Dialight’s European manufacturing will take place in a facility that exceeds the quality standards now required, including ISO9001 and TS16949 quality approvals and ISO14001 for environmental management.

Newmarket is already the manufacturing base for Dialight’s European LED traffic signals and obstruction lighting products. Over the past few months, the company has invested in expanding the production capacity to include new surface mount technology (SMT) facilities to enable it to process the latest generation of power LEDs.

"LED technology is changing constantly and the bulk of electronics assembly is now automated, so we have made investment in surface mount technology in our Newmarket facility where there is already a higher volume throughput from the traffic signal business. This means the extra assembly work can be absorbed at this facility without the need for additional people," said Gordon Routledge, managing director of Dialight-Lumidrives.

The R&D, sales, applications and engineering team will remain in York, so day-to-day customer contacts will remain the same, but orders will now be shipped direct from Newmarket.