Philips UK focuses on LEDs for professional indoor luminaires

Nov. 5, 2008
Philips Lighting in the UK plans to completely transform its professional indoor luminaire business from conventional to LED light sources.
Philips has announced that, in the UK, it intends to re-focus its professional indoor luminaire activities to LED-based solutions. The company believes it is “extremely well positioned” to compete in this “new landscape” of LED lighting. It also says that it will streamline its UK organisation so that LED growth will be further accelerated.

Philips Lighting UK will still retain its focus on all outdoor luminaires, consumer luminaires and lighting controls, and the company’s existing lamps and control gear businesses are unaffected by this new strategy.

Philips says that it is convinced that this repositioning towards LED solutions will “allow it to meet the current and future needs of its customers, bringing them the full economic, environmental and design benefits of this new technology.”

This development is part of Philips’ ongoing drive to accelerate the move in the market to more sustainable lighting solutions. It has been the company’s view for some time that LEDs are the future of illumination.

Philips describes itself as “the leading player in the fast-growing LED lighting market”, with expertise and intellectual property in all parts of the value chain. Philips has “supported this view with unwavering focus on the R&D of new technologies, sales channels, acquisitions, partnerships and industry initiatives to achieve this vision,” said the company’s press release.

More details about this announcement will follow once LEDs Magazine has spoken with Philips Lighting UK management.