Martin receives grant to develop intelligent LED technology

Jan. 21, 2008
The Danish government will contribute half the funds for a $6 million program to develop advanced LED lighting.
Lighting manufacturer Martin Professional A/S was awarded a technology grant from the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation (Højteknologifonden) for the development of new LED technologies.

The project, called INLED (Intelligent Light Emitting Diodes), is a cooperation between Martin Professional A/S, Denmark’s Aalborg University, and the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation.

Martin Professional will receive approximately $3 million in funding from the research foundation, with an additional $2 million to be added by Martin and $1 million from Aalborg University. The three-year, six million USD project will run through the end of 2010.

The goal of INLED is to develop new technologies for LED-based fixtures as substitutes for existing more inefficient technologies, including improvements in optical systems, color mixing, output, control, heat management and energy use. The result will be a radical improvement in light quality.

Finn Jäger-Rasmussen, Head of R&D at Martin Professional, comments, “We will continue to see a reduction in the use of discharge and incandescent lamps as LED technology gives us many environmental advantages. The grant will allow us to produce optimal LED solutions for use in our applications while also funding basic research in LED. Our goal is to develop a highly efficient product with full color mixing in which the loss of energy is as small as possible.”

Christian Engsted, CEO of Martin Professional, adds, “This initiative further emphasizes Martin’s desire to lead the development and set the standards within our industry as well as our commitment to continue to improve lighting efficiency to benefit the environment.”

The aim of the Foundation’s grant program is long-term development of novel ground-breaking technology that will enable the participating companies to embark on various new business activities that lead to a radical leap within the involved sectors of industry.

The Danish government aims at making Denmark one of the world’s leading advanced-technological societies. Consequently, the Danish government founded the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation, whose general objective is to enhance growth and strengthen employment by supporting strategic and advanced technological priorities within the fields of research and innovation.