Color Kinetics licenses to James Thomas Engineering

March 30, 2005
Another lighting manufacturer has licensed Color Kinetics' intellectual property portfolio related to LED-based products.
Entertainment lighting manufacturer James Thomas is to license Color Kinetics' intellectual property in connection with the marketing of James Thomas' Pixel Range line of LED- based products in North America.

"We look forward to the expanded market opportunities afforded by this agreement with Color Kinetics," said Mike Garl, president of James Thomas Engineering. "As the adoption of LED-based illumination accelerates in North America, we believe the signing of this agreement will allow us to concentrate on the continued advancement of the technology and the ever-expanding Pixel Range."

"We're very pleased to extend the value of our intellectual property to James Thomas Engineering, a company which recognizes the strength and breadth of Color Kinetics' patent portfolio," said Bill Sims, President and COO, Color Kinetics. "Our growing OEM and licensing program exists in part to help companies like James Thomas Engineering benefit from our intellectual property, which is the result of years of research and development."

James Thomas Engineering Inc, based in Knoxville, TN, is the US arm of a company based in Worcester, UK. James Thomas has previously marketed its Pixel Range products at US shows such as LDI. It is not clear whether James Thomas plans to incorporate any of Color Kinetics' technology into its products, or if the licensing agreement is to circumvent any potential lawsuits that may arise if James Thomas' products infringe on Color Kinetics' US patents.

James Thomas' Pixel Range includes a diverse selection of high intensity solid-state color changing fixtures for use in architectural and entertainment applications. These compact, high output fixtures are designed for dynamic projection and colorful wash lighting that are easy to install and maintain, and are a perfect complement to both interior and exterior applications.