EuroLED 2008 offers European perspective on low-carbon lighting

Aug. 16, 2008
Among the talks at EuroLED were discussions of European R&D funding for LEDs and OLEDs, Ireland’s initiatives for energy-efficient lighting, and the issues surrounding disposal of LED fixtures, writes Tim Whitaker.
In its fifth year, EuroLED moved to a new and improved venue at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry that could accommodate a larger number of exhibitors (87) compared with last year. The technical conference had a strong speaker line-up, although a surprisingly small number of delegates. This article covers talks from the first session on low carbon lighting.

R&D funding in Europe
The European Commission funds a huge amount of R&D work in many diverse areas including LEDs, OLEDs and solid-state lighting, which all fall under the Photonics banner. Photonics has recently attained a higher profile within the EC, and funding for this area was increased by 40% to EUR 90 million for 2007-2008. John Magan, part of the EC’s dedicated Photonics Unit, said that he expects this level of funding to be maintained in 2009-2010.

The value of photonics production in Europe in 2005 was EUR 43.5 billion, representing 19% of the world market. Within Europe, lighting accounted for 15% of the total production output (the global figure was only 8%). Magan said that, relative to technologies such as flat-panel displays and IT, Europe is very strong in lighting, so this will continue to be an area of focus for EC funding.


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