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    October 2022 LEDs Magazine
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    Lighting for Health & Wellbeing

    Analyzing visible light disinfection in practice

    Oct. 6, 2022
    A literature review raises awareness of the need for more precise data to effectively apply visible light disinfection in appropriate scenarios, IAN ASHDOWN concludes in part ...
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    Connected SSL & Controls

    What’s new for lighting controls in the upcoming Title 24

    Oct. 6, 2022
    Prepare for energy code requirements that impact lighting and controls implementation. CRAIG DILOUIE summarizes changes to California Title 24 energy code that will go into effect...
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    FIG. 1. Electric vehicle charging stations will add DC power demands to buildings.
    Connected SSL & Controls

    What can DC power do for your building?

    Oct. 6, 2022
    With the number of DC-powered devices loading up building systems, ERIN KELLY evaluates the potential benefits, use cases, and ROI for DC power distribution across various environments...
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    LEDs & SSL Design

    DOE Justice Week promises change

    Oct. 6, 2022
    Department of Energy's Justice Week shows gaps in social justice and equality of funding among historically underrepresented groups. But WANDA LAU points toward the ability to...
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    Product Spotlight Oct22 1
    Architectural Lighting

    Product Spotlight | SSL & CONTROLS

    Oct. 6, 2022
    October's Product Spotlight features a selection of luminaires, controls, and lighting system components.

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    Horticultural Lighting

    Circular design helps LED grow lights deliver on green potential

    Oct. 3, 2022
    Modular parts and reusable or recyclable materials combined with smart electronics can boost CEA lighting’s sustainability quotient, explains CRAIG PRICE.
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    2022 California Energy Code has different lighting requirements based on the type of controlled environment horticulture (CEH) or agriculture (CEA) space.
    Manufacturing Services & Testing

    First look at California Energy Code requirements for horticultural lighting

    Oct. 3, 2022
    Educators from ENERGY CODE ACE summarize code requirements for controlled environment horticulture in California’s Title 24, Part 6 building energy code with a focus on lighting...
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    OPINION: Redefining innovation

    Aug. 24, 2022
    Recent industry event raises comments about whether innovation in lighting is on the decline.