Product Spotlight | SSL & CONTROLS

Oct. 6, 2022
October's Product Spotlight features a selection of luminaires, controls, and lighting system components.

With flexible features for controlling daylight and electric light, application-specific beam distribution and lumen output levels, and user-/installer-friendly details, this mix of LED sources, power components, and luminaires works hard across a variety of general lighting scenarios.


Luxeon HL1Z, Lumileds

The close quarters of spotlight products require smaller devices with tight alignment for the most precise emitting area. Measuring 1.4 mm per side and 0.36 mm high, the high-power Luxeon HL1Z is 32% smaller than competitive LED emitters, but achieved 20% greater luminous flux and 40% greater intensity when mounted on a PCB and compared in a head-to-head, 25° spotlight design evaluation. The HL1Z lineup offers 15 CCT/CRI options.


CFLEX Compact LED driver, Magnitude Lighting

The CFLEX Compact constant-current, 0–10V dimmable LED driver can be preprogrammed for high-volume projects or customized via a standalone programming tool to help reduce unnecessary inventory. A Class P replacement-ready rating and wide voltage/current input range support interchangeability with similar power devices. The two-wire programming interface can be employed in the field without a PC or cellphone, using a simple USB adapter.


TruTrack Magnetic lighting system, PureEdge Lighting

Designers can simply snap Tubo Zoom magnetic track heads to the recessed TruTrack system and move, tilt, and adjust them easily. Simplified connection reduces time and risk during installation. TruTrack’s thin profile blends into 5/8-in. drywall surfaces without joist modifications. Track heads feature a rotatable lens to adjust beam spread from wide to narrow, allowing focused illumination of art, furnishings, and other architectural elements.


Somfy Digital Network 010V interface, Somfy

The Somfy Digital Network (SDN) plenum module enhances the first-generation automation solution for managing natural and electric light, integrating with Animeo IP for solar tracking and building management systems interfaces for optimized energy usage. Powered by AC 120V line input, the module is directly connected to a lighting controller, fitting into a junction box form factor. Glare control, preset scenes, and schedules can be managed with the astronomical timeclock.


EnFocus PLC dimmable LED lighting, Energy Focus

The updated EnFocus power line controlled LED lighting system offers dimming and color tuning over retrofit lamps such as LED tubes, A19s, and BR30s with expected availability for flat panels and downlights. Powered by existing lines, EnFocus eliminates the expense of additional control wiring in commercial and industrial environments. Wall controls come in 3A and 8A versions with user-friendly interfaces to modify both brightness level and color temperature for clients who want intuitive and cost-effective updates.


Areamaster Gen 2, Appleton

Harsh industrial environments such as oil rigs or water treatment plants demand robust, bright, low-maintenance fixtures. Areamaster Gen2 floodlights deliver lumen outputs from 9,000 to 38,000 lm while saving 75% or more on energy costs compared to 250–1500W high-intensity discharge lights. The LED versions can use the same fittings as existing Appleton HID floods to reduce labor and costs even further. High-temperature silicon gaskets prevent water ingress, while up to 10 kV surge suppression serves Category C high-risk locations.


CARRIE MEADOWS is managing editor of LEDs Magazine, with 20 years’ experience in business-to-business publishing across technology markets including solid-state technology manufacturing, fiberoptic communications, machine vision, lasers and photonics, and LEDs and lighting.

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