GE’s LineFit light bars for box signs use 75% less energy than fluorescents

April 24, 2014
The LineFit line brings an LED alternative to outdoor cabinet signs that formerly employed fluorescent tubes.

Offered in three color temperatures and eleven sizes, the GE LineFit Light LED bars are designed to replace fluorescent tubes in double-sided signs. Shop owners and sign makers now have an LED alternative to T12 high-output linear fluorescent tubes -- one that requires less maintenance, features longer life, and saves 58-76% in energy costs.

OptiLens diffuses light while protecting the LEDs.

"LED lighting offers several benefits and improvements for outdoor signage lighting compared with standard fluorescents. From significant energy cost reductions and easier jobsite installation, to less frequent maintenance and more consistent brightness, as well as uniformity and cold weather performance across your signs, LED stands as the ultimate choice," said Mark Shepard, global product manager for GE Lighting.

The LineFit light bars utilize existing fluorescent sockets (R17d) and use a simple, four-step installation. Rotating end caps ensure proper alignment and direct the LED output toward the sign faces. GE's OptiLens technology protects the LEDs from moisture and corrosion, while eliminating striping and shadows on the sign face that can occur with fluorescent tubes. Rated life of the LineFit products is 50,000 hours.

The LineFit Light LED bars are available in color temperatures of 4100K, 5400K, and 6500K and sizes from F18 to F96.