Yaham's Slim LED street light delivers Type 1 beam distribution with low glare for pedestrians and drivers

April 1, 2016
YAHAM developed a new type of LED street light - Slim series, dedicated design for narrow road, professional TYPE 1 light distribution, which can be used for one-lane road, streets and alleys, courtyards and public places lighting.

Slim LED street light adopts integral die-casting process, it not only assures the lamp body’s intensity, but also enjoys various advantages: small and exquisite appearance, light weight, easy installation and high cost efficiency.

The street light's housing is powdering coated, the surface is burnish and non-discoloring, with strong anti-corrosion capacity.

There is a smooth transition at the back of the housing, free of dust accumulation, beneficial for rain washing, favorable thermal management assures the lamp’s reliability.

Slim Series LED street light installation height is relatively low, the suggested installation height is below 8 meters, with high brightness and uniformity (>0.7). Moreover, it has low glare, TI<12, luminous efficiency >110 lm/W.

Power: 30W / 60W

LED brand: Nichia

Luminous Efficiency: >110 lm/W

IP Grade: IP65

Beam Angle: 55°×145° 75°×150° light distribution depends on different installation height

Net weight: 1.6kg*30W/2.5kg*60W

Lifespan: >50000h


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