Luminit monolithic glass light shaping diffusers are designed to improve light engine beam quality

July 6, 2016

Luminit’s Light Shaping Diffusers are now available in a durable All-Glass version for high volume and low cost applications like laser and LED based light engines in conference room/movie projectors as well as general/entertainment lighting fixtures/projectors.

TORRANCE, CA – Luminit LLC, a privately held, high technology company specializing in custom and standard holographic diffusers, introduced a new line of high volume and low cost Light Shaping Diffusers at this year’s Display Week. Available in angles from 1° up to 15°, Luminit’s new Monolithic Glass Light Shaping Diffusers (MG-LSDs) can be mass produced at a low per piece cost and offer original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) a cost effective path to improve beam quality of their light engines.

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“Laser and LED light engines are extremely efficient and offer brighter images but beam quality can be a challenge due to inherent speckle and/or multiple light sources” notes Suleyman Turgut, VP of Sales & Marketing at Luminit. “Our new monolithic glass diffusers can be integrated at the design phase and help solve these issues with minimal addition to the bill of materials (BOM) and minimal impact to the system’s optical efficiency.”

Available in various shapes, the material composition of MG-LSD is entirely borofloat glass so there is no organic material that can degrade or outgas over time. The diffusers can endure temperatures up to 400° C, and provide light transmission between 91% -93% or 95%-98% with optional AR coating.

“Improving beam quality and reducing laser speckle is now possible at a very low cost,” concludes Turgut. “We’re excited about this new product and how it will enable our customers in the lighting and projector industries to provide more cost effective solutions to their customers.”

Luminit is currently working with key customers and sampling is limited. For more information about Luminit’s Monolithic Glass Light Shaping Diffusers, contact the company vy e-mail or at the website below.

About Luminit

Luminit is a privately held, high technology company specializing in custom and standard holographic diffusers based on multiple technology patents. Luminit’s commercial experience covers applications including LED lighting, architectural lighting, bio-medical illumination, semiconductor metrology, aerospace, automotive, laser and display applications. Luminit’s Light Shaping Diffusers (LSDs®) are available directly or through a network of domestic and international distributors.




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