C3 Lighting's Relucent system for LED healthcare lighting in surgical suites expands with External Field Illuminators

July 6, 2015
Orange County, CA – C3 Lighting’s Relucent Surgical Theatre Lighting System is unique in the healthcare lighting industry. C3’s Remote Power Technology combined with large LED arrays that contain up to 576 LEDs per square foot produce the most powerful diffused LEd healthcare lighting products available.

A full complement of LED healthcare lighting products provide options never before available for the surgical theatre. Fixtures include C3’s “External Field Illuminators”, providing bright asymmetrical illumination. Varying the color temperature of light output in five steps between 3,500 Kelvin (enhanced red) and 6,500 Kelvin (reduced red) may improve a surgeon’s ability to differentiate between tissues of similar color. The result is high intensity, even, overhead lighting covering the surgical table. The color temperature of the light can be adjusted to optimize visualization and to meet the surgeon’s exact requirements.

Additional low profile luminaires provide diffused light and are thin enough to fit within an intricate operating room ceiling. C3’s LED healthcare lighting fixtures can be ordered in sizes ranging from 3 by 12 inches to 36 by 144 inches, allowing never before available flexibility to the design of a surgical theatre lighting system. Additional 6 and 10 inch tunable-white round down-lights and under cabinet lights provide accent illumination.

C3’s innovative wall-wash fixture is also available to provide reflected lighting off the walls. Fixtures can be ordered with a “Green-Lite” option for green illumination during endoscopic procedures to reduce eye fatigue and reflections on LCD monitors as well as high intensity illumination around the room’s perimeter for cleaning purposes.

Control options extend from basic wall switches to fully programmable touch plates.

This technology provides high intensity “Tunable-White” lighting, allowing the surgeon or operating room personnel to adjust the color of light output to optimize visualization and could affect the circadian rhythm of the staff to energize the room’s occupants during extended procedures.

All of C3’s products are non-ferrous, RF and EM interference free, can be ordered IP-67 sealed and electroplated with an antimicrobial coating, designed and manufactured in the USA and are available in custom configurations to meet the precise requirements of the architect or lighting designer.

Watch a video on the LED healthcare lighting here: http://c3lighting.com/page184.html


Mary McDonough, Director of Marketing - C3 Lighting Solutions
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