Venture Lighting engineers retrofit LED street light with advanced glass optic

Nov. 12, 2015
Venture Lighting Europe has created a brand new, advanced retrofit LED solution for street lighting with exceptional benefits for Local Authorities. The company has created the VLED Westminster LED street light module, incorporating its very latest lighting technology SUPRAX® glass optic, as a solution for retrofitting street lighting luminaires. Resulting in highly efficient lumen packages, this LED street light module offers unrivalled energy savings.

The new innovation offers Local Authorities the ability to extend the life of their existing street lighting to 50,000 hours and can be retrofitted to almost any existing luminaire. With improved energy consumption the module will also generate significantly reduced energy costs across the whole lighting scheme.

The Westminster VLED LED street light module can be installed into existing fixtures using a simple ‘plug and play’ system which will reduce the overall time and cost of the installation.

Nick Alexander of Venture Lighting Europe commented “In the past we have recognised the major requirement for Local Authorities to reduce their energy consumption, with street lighting playing a significant part of this. Together with the knowledge that there are still HID street lighting luminaires that are within their original design life, we saw an opportunity to produce a sustainable and cost-effective retrofit VLED module that is extremely simple to install and brings excellent benefits.”

The new, high-performance Westminster VLED LED street light module offers a range of lumen outputs, from 2,000 lm to over 16,000 lm for a variety of application requirements and delivers an exceptional efficacy of up to 152 lumens per watt. The system can also be built from 17W to 108W to meet the lighting requirements of each scheme. The module can also be installed with a programmable part night dimming VLED driver with the ability to extend this using full DALI controls to give customers the opportunity to produce even greater energy savings.

Venture Lighting Europe partnered with its sister company, Auer Lighting in Germany, to produce the VLED Westminster SUPRAX® 8488 borosilicate glass optic, which forms the centrepiece of the module. This is both temperature and UV resistant which allows the module to offer the stability and long service life demanded in the street lighting environment, which will ultimately save local authorities money in maintenance or replacement costs in the long run. They will also benefit from a reduced capital expenditure and fast return on investment in less than three years.

Venture has seen many successful installations of its Westminster VLED Light Engine since its launch earlier this year, including several installations across London and the south coast.


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