Hubbell Industrial Lighting addresses indoor horticulture lighting with NutriLED featuring 60-degree beam spread

Jan. 28, 2015
Hubbell Lighting, a world leader in lighting innovation, launched today a LED fixture capable of delivering nearly 100% usable light for plant growth with virtually no wasted energy—Hubbell Industrial Lighting’s NutriLED.

A breakthrough in horticultural technology, the NutriLED provides spectrally tuned light to optimize growth and germination for virtually any indoor horticulture application. With studies showing increased growth rates and yields from growers utilizing LED lighting, now is the time to convert high-pressure sodium (HPS), metal halide and fluorescent to more efficient LED sources.

Plants only absorb the blue wavelength and red wavelength portion of light, not utilizing any of the other wavelengths. NutriLED’s ideal blend of red and blue wavelengths and light intensities for chlorophyll absorption means there is virtually no wasted energy producing spectrums of light which are not beneficial to plant growth. Offering up to 88% energy savings over traditional non-LED grow lights, the NutriLED delivers an enormous energy and maintenance savings and greatly minimizes waste. As a direct result of significantly reducing the radiant heat produced by conventional lighting technology, water usage can also be reduced up to 50% and the need for supplemental HVAC cooling loads may be completely eliminated for some applications.

Specifically designed to allow for multiple mounting configurations, the NutriLED can be installed linearly or in parallel, providing beneficial light to plants from virtually any angle. Additionally, the NutriLED’s unique optical design delivers controlled, uniform illumination featuring a 60-degree beam spread that yields a 1:1 spacing ratio.

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ANdy Beck - for Hubbell Lighting

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