Te Lintelo Systems celebrates 30 years in light test and measurement and optoelectronic business

March 4, 2015
We are really proud of the fact that we are celebrating our 30th anniversary!

February 1, 2015 marks exactly 30 years ago that entrepreneur Ben te Lintelo founded Te Lintelo Systems. Over the years Te Lintelo Systems became a specialist in the field of light metrology (test and measurement), optoelectronic equipment, and lasers. We can also address your (fiber) optical challenges.

"We measure light and we measure with light"

As a pioneer in the Benelux countries Te Lintelo Systems represents prominent suppliers from all over the world with well-educated engineers, experience and knowledge. Together with our high end suppliers we have the answer for you.

Te Lintelo Systems is your reliable source and long term partner for test and measurement. Service on all levels is for us our daily business. Our team is fully equipped to assist you with finding your best optical business solution.

We thank you for the trust you have placed in us and valued cooperation over these 30 years. With our team we look forward to improving our pleasant business relationship in the years ahead.

Your TLS Team,
Ben, Elia, Esther, Monique and Chantal


Chantal te Lintelo - Te Lintelo Systems

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