Ephesus Arena Pro-Court LED sports lighting is color-tunable to meet broadcast standards

March 12, 2015

New LED Arena Pro-Court light from Ephesus Lighting with tunable light quality technology allows multi-use basketball facilities to create enhanced lighting environments with a single system

SYRACUSE, NY - Ephesus Lighting, the leader in high-output LED lighting in sports and entertainment venues, announced that its newest product innovation, the Ephesus Arena Pro-Court, offers multi-purpose basketball venues a single LED sports lighting system capable of meeting the stringent and diverse lighting requirements of professional and major college basketball.

"There is a major distinction in the quality of lighting requirements for pro and college basketball venues. We now have a product that focuses on improving the player performance, increasing fan experience, and exceeding HDTV broadcasting requirements for both professional and college basketball," said Joe Casper, CTO of Ephesus Lighting. "We engineered the Ephesus Arena Pro-Court specifically to provide a quality solution where adjusting the spectrum of light will significantly improve HDTV broadcasting quality and provide a solution for multi-purpose sporting venues." The Ephesus Arena Pro-Court light is the only LED sports lighting solution with full light spectrum and color temperature tuning capability. This patent-pending technology enables the system to adjust a specific spectrum of light for HDTV broadcasts and also adjust the color temperature of the light to meet a range of "warmer" lighting required by professional and college basketball. The innovation also allows venues to tune the light quality and at the same time maintain constant light levels on the playing surface. Previously, facilities needed to install multiple sets of lights to achieve similar results. The improved color rendering and tunable color spectrum were designed into this new product specifically to match the needs of HDTV broadcast cameras and provide an enhanced brilliance of colors matched only by the sun. The new Ephesus Arena Pro-Court LED sports lighting also provides more precise optical control allowing for the dramatic light cutoff between the court and the stands as per pro basketball lighting guidelines. Additionally the Arena Pro-Court light includes the same patented glare-free technology as the Ephesus Arena Sports Series. The new system is fully HDTV compliant with zero flicker technology allowing up to 8K frames per second super slow-motion recording. Ephesus' military-driven design technology results in ultra-low EMI, which eliminates interference with arena communications systems with increased bandwidth. "This year LED sports lighting has proved to be ready for primetime as we illuminated venues that broadcast events by every major sports network. From championship professional football games to college events our LED sports solutions exceeded expectations," said Mike Lorenz, President of Ephesus Lighting. "As more facilities look to make the switch to LED, it's imperative upon us to continue to broaden our product line to provide solutions for the different needs of venues." Ephesus fixtures provide a significant increase in illumination compared to traditional metal halide lights. LED sports lighting is brighter and delivers more uniform modeling of light on the playing surface, creating a better stage for players as well as for both fans in the stadium and those watching on high-definition television. Additionally, LED lights can be turned on and off with the flick of a switch, whereas metal halide fixtures require a 20-minute warm-up period. This on/off feature also allows facility operators to create projection light shows for fan entertainment, and if a power outage were ever to cause a blackout, Ephesus LED lights can be turned back on immediately with the flick of a switch. Since lighting the first sports venue with LED technology in North America in 2012, Ephesus Lighting luminaires have been operational for over 300,000 hours in more than 100 indoor and outdoor sports and entertainment venues across North America including: University of Phoenix Stadium, the home field of the NFL Arizona Cardinals; the Canadian Tire Centre, home ice of the NHL Ottawa Senators; and Duke University. About Ephesus Lighting Ephesus Lighting, Inc. is a US-based company that manufactures high-output LED lighting solutions for challenging applications in the industrial and sporting markets. Ephesus is focused on innovating advanced LED solutions that will enrich and illuminate the world, by creating brighter, more vibrant and more sustainable environments. Ephesus Lighting is Powered by Cree® LEDs. For more information, visit www.ephesuslighting.com, follow us on Twitter @EphesusLighting.


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