BJB LED holders feature new assembly method for Bridgelux V Series arrays

July 1, 2016
BJB 47.319 Series LED Holders for the Bridgelux V Series feature state-of-the art electro-mechanical technology. LED holders help simplify the entire fixture’s assembly process and also provide numerous benefits to the overall quality, performance and lifetime of the lighting system. BJB holders are well suited for a wide variety of applications: ranging from commercial, outdoor, industrial and residential spaces.

The BJB LED Holders can now be fixed to heat-sinks by using the innovative P2F Fixing Element for Blind Holes. The new assembly method uses the P2F as a replacement to error-prone screw assembly offering lighting OEMs with a faster and more accurate production process.

The press tool’s installation head is equipped with a coil spring ensuring the P2F is always pressed into the heat sink with the appropriate installation force. Once installed a permanent mechanical connection is applied with a contact pressure of at least 20 Nm. If necessary the P2F can be removed by inserting a release pin into the screw-hole.

Product Family:

- 47.319 Series - COB Holder
- 28.902 Series - P2F Fixing Element for Blind Holes

General Product Information:

- Now available! Pre-assembled with the P2F for Blind Holes
- Zhaga compatible form-factor (50 mm outer diameter)
- Push-wire contacts for 18 & 20 AWG
- Highly reflective housing material
- Pre-fixation features secure the array
- Optimal clamping force over lifetime of use
- Reflector interface for optical components

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