ALGLO unveils low-voltage, DC-based LED lighting interconnect system for storage and pre-fab buildings

Feb. 12, 2015

Energy efficiency isn’t just a buzz word when it comes to running your business, it represents bottom line cost reduction. LEDs have been in the spotlight over the past decade, increasing in efficiency steadily to where it can compete with fluorescents and CFLs within both high power and low power application.

True LED technology further increases the efficiency of LEDs by powering them with low voltage, DC electricity.

Now, ALGLO has developed a system that capitalizes on this fact to increase lighting capabilities within the storage and pre-fab building industries. Their POP Switch can be implemented simply into existing structures and new builds to provide lighting in applications that may have been challenging in the past or to solve problems that traditional systems currently pose.

In self-storage facilities, it not only reduces electricity bills but also eliminates the ability for customers to plug in light socket adapters and run appliances or tools within the storage unit. It also easily connects to solar power sources to further energy efficiency initiatives that are currently trending within the market.

For pre-fab buildings such as sheds, outbuildings, and tiny homes the POP Switch provides a simple and affordable system for lighting smaller spaces. They can be easily hooked up to a solar panel, battery, or generator and provide significantly more light than existing LED products. The market for these products is currently seeing luminaires that produce between 80 and 120 lumens, with ALGLO's technology 400+ lumen fixtures is common.

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ALGLO is an LED driver and controller manufacturer helping to advance the adoption of LED lighting into our everyday lives. The increased efficiency and safety of LED lighting drives the company to develop innovative products with new applications.

ALGLO is taking a step back within the lighting world and using cutting edge technology to implement a new True LED lighting system. For more information visit or reach out directly to [email protected].


Matt Astrella, Media Relations - ALGLO
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