LED Mounting Bases introduces exclusive MCPCBs for Lumileds Luxeon Z packaged LEDs

Sept. 29, 2015
In order to offer an increasingly wide range of innovative products, we are pleased to announce you the release of the smallest MCPCB for Luxeon Z (5mmx5mm) and our MCPCBs for 4 LEDs Lumileds Luxeon Z, multi-lens compatible.

Our 5mmx5mm MCPCBs for Lumileds Luxeon Z packaged LEDs can easily be integrated into the smallest spaces, alone or clustered. This exclusive feature enables even smaller/unique luminaire designs for indoor, technical and even biological lighting.

Our MCPCBs for 4 LEDs Luxeon Z multi-lenses is compatible with various LED Lenses manufacturers such as LEDil, Gaggione, Carclo, LED Engin, and LEDlink. This characteristic allows you to perform several tests on a single circuit, at lower cost.
Come and discover our hundreds of other MCPCBs, like our multi-footprint MCPCB for LED Tests and LEDiL LED Lens compatible.

Stretch the limits of your imagination with LED Mounting Bases!

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The Luxeon Z in brief: The micro-sized Lumileds Luxeon Z allows a large degree of design freedom. Its un-encapsulated chip provides a precise beam angle control, high-flux density and the flexibility of superior color mixing through choice of optics. Available in the full spectrum of colors from 380nm to 670nm and 4000K white, the Luxeon Z is ideal for entertainment/stage, indoor and outdoor architectural, emergency vehicle lighting, remote phosphor-based retrofits & downlights, and a wide spectrum of specialty lighting applications. The user is able to create customized "multi-chip", multi-color light sources.

About LED Mounting Bases - LED Mounting Bases is the reference in MCPCBs designed for LEDs. You will surely find what you’re looking for on our website thanks to its large choice of MCPCBs compatible with almost all the LEDs on the market. According to your needs, your LEDs can be soldered on our MCPCBs. New electronic CADs can be developed and specific light engines designed. Our made in France products guarantee European quality.


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