LED Mounting Bases eases prototyping with Seoul Viosys UV LEDs

Nov. 13, 2015
LED Mounting Bases launches new STAR PCBs compatible with UV LEDs.

Up to 17 different Seoul Viosys UV LEDs are suitable for our STAR PCBs. These near UV LEDs (365-405nm) exist in various powers. For example, with a CUN8AF4A our MCPCB can be driven at 1000mA for a radiative power of 3.75W.

Each aluminum PCB is a 20mm hexagonal with six solder pads for convenient wire connections, plus one larger at the center for easy LED reflow. Its mounting holes befit secondary LEDiL and Carclo lenses. Besides, their light and compact structure provides great design flexibility. Hence, the user can for instance prototype his torch or use multiple STAR PCBs to make arrays or strips, for numerous applications: UV curing, coating, forensics, counterfeit detection, security, printing and much more.

Until now, conventional UV lamps have offered restricted performance. On the other hand, UV LEDs share the same benefits as regular LEDs: they consume little energy, are instant on/off, neither use harmful products nor emit ozone, generate less heat, have a long life cycle and they have a low bandwidth spectrum for more efficiency. UV LED technology can be applied in many different fields, each wavelength range having its own function.

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About LED Mounting Bases - LED Mounting Bases is the reference in printed circuit boards designed for LEDs. The company offers a large choice of PCBs compatible with almost all the LEDs on the market. According to their needs, customers can have their LEDs soldered on PCBs, new electronic CADs can be developed and specific light engines designed. Made in France products ensure European quality.


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