Lutron's Hi-lume Premier 0.1% constant-voltage LED driver provides incandescent-like experience

May 18, 2016
Hi-lume® Premier 0.1% driver is the superior performance option for residential and commercial projects – smooth, flicker free dimming and easy set up.

Coopersburg, PA – Lighting control pioneer Lutron Electronics today launched the Hi-lume Premier 0.1% constant voltage driver, the world’s first LED driver with beautiful, smooth, flicker-free 0.1% dimming and Soft-on, Fade-to-Black™ dimming for the most incandescent-like experience on the market. Featuring wired and wireless control options, the driver offers extremely easy setup in both residential and commercial retrofit applications. The launch of the new Hi-lume Premier 0.1% driver also rounds out Lutron’s three-tiered family of LED drivers, which makes it simpler than ever to specify, budget and deliver Lutron LED control solutions.

Hi-lume Premier 0.1%
When it comes to LED dimming, customers want the energy efficiency of LEDs, but they don’t want to sacrifice the dimming performance they have come to expect from incandescent lighting. With the new Hi-lume Premier 0.1% 96W constant voltage LED driver, customers no longer have to make that sacrifice. Ideal for theaters, restaurants, kitchens and architectural spaces with lit coves and soffits, the performance of the Hi-Lume Premier 0.1% is so advanced that it eliminates any perceived “blink on” or drop out.

Listed at $250, Hi-lume Premier 0.1% is also one of the most flexible and easy to set up LED drivers available today. The dimming performance is optimized when it is paired with Lutron Lumaris® Linear Lighting. Customers can also pair it with any constant voltage LED strip or tape lighting of their choosing. Simply connect the driver to the fixture to gain powerful, unmatched Hi-lume Premier 0.1% dimming performance. With convenient wireless remote mounting options, the driver is also extremely simple to install—even in retrofit projects – since it doesn’t require rewiring or breaking into walls.

“Hi-lume Premier 0.1% takes LED dimming firmly into a space where customers will no longer be able to distinguish its dimming performance from that of incandescent lighting,” shared Eric Lind, Vice President of Global Specifications. “Hi-lume Premier 0.1% proves that, when it comes to beautiful LED dimming, Lutron is the name specifiers, architects, designers, contractors and distributors should trust.”

Re-branding Lutron Drivers – Hi-lume is now a Simple, 3-Tiered Family of LED Drivers
With the launch of Hi-lume Premier 0.1%, Lutron introduces the “top tier” of its LED drivers. With three branded tiers—5 Series, Hi-lume 1% and the Hi-lume Premier 0.1%, the company is making it easy to specify, budget, and deliver Lutron controls and in-fixture solutions.

“As our family of drivers continues to grow in both size and popularity, we recognized that we had an opportunity to demystify driver selection. Creating 3 distinct product tiers allows specifiers to easily understand the available options, connect the dots between the controls and fixtures, and ultimately write a crisp spec that guarantees they will get what they expect on the job,” said Lind. “With our new branded tiers and easy-to-use tools, specifiers just need to select the tier, the dimming level and the control method they desire to confidently bring the power of Lutron dimming into their space.”

All of Lutron’s LED drivers are now consolidated under these three branded tiers:

Ideal for cost- and energy-conscious applications, such as open offices, meeting spaces and hallways
Delivers smooth, flicker-free dimming down to 5%
Provides even illumination across all fixtures in the space
Offers smart, digitally-addressable fixture control and monitoring with EcoSystem™
Available for linears/troffers up to 75 W and downlights up to 35 W

Hi-lume 1%
Ideal for conference rooms, restaurants, lobbies, ballrooms, and lecture halls
Delivers all of the benefits of 5-Series, plus beautiful, smooth, flicker-free dimming down to 1%
Options available with Soft-On, Fade-to-Black dimming, which provides an incandescent-like experience when transitioning from off to 1% and vice versa
Available for linears/troffers up to 75 W and downlights up to 53 W, and cove lighting up to 40 W depending on which option is chosen

Hi-lume Premier 0.1%
Ideal for theaters, restaurants, kitchens and architectural spaces with lit coves and soffits
Delivers all of the benefits of Hi-lume 1%, plus beautiful, smooth, flicker-free dimming down to 0.1% for the most incandescent-like experience
UL-listed for simple, code-compliant contractor installation
Remote mounts up to 100 feet away in a convenient location
Wired or wireless control options available
Available for 24VDC constant voltage under-cabinet, cove, strip and step light applications up to 96 W
Guaranteed interoperability with Lutron 3-wire and EcoSystem controls

The new branding comes to life in a revamped website ( which walks customers, step by step, through the driver selection process. In addition, Lutron is actively working with its fixture manufacturer partners to integrate the new branding into packaging and materials so that it is easier for customers to choose the fixture and dimming performance that is right for them.

The 5 Series, Hi-lume 1% and Hi-lume Premier 0.1% drivers are all shipping now, and the newly-branded website is available now. To learn more about or find a list of fixtures that work with Hi-lume Premier 0.1% drivers, visit and respectively.

About Lutron Electronics
Founded in 1961, Lutron Electronics is headquartered in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania. From dimmers for the home, to lighting management systems for entire buildings, the company offers more than 15,000 energy-saving products, sold in more than 100 countries. In the US alone, Lutron products save an estimated 10 billion kWh of electricity, or approximately $1 billion in utility costs per year. The company’s early inventions— including the first solid-state dimmer invented by Lutron’s founder, Joel Spira—are now at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in Washington, DC.


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