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Photo credit: Image by Abdulhakeem Samae via Pixabay; used under free license for commercial or noncommercial purposes.
Horticultural Lighting

UV a ray of hope in modern farming

May 1, 2020
UV light science can applied to the greater good beyond protecting human health.
Shown is part of one screen in the results section of the Lighting Research Center’s Horticulture Luminaire calculator, which among other things reveals whether an “upgrade” scenario would deliver a payback over a base case. The payback line is not shown in this screenshot. More is visible in an LRC YouTube video at (Image credit: Screenshot courtesy of LRC.)
Horticultural Lighting

LRC online calculator helps horticultural growers choose luminaires

April 23, 2020
The free tool prioritizes photosynthetic photon flux to compare the lifecycle costs of buying and running lighting systems for indoor farms.
Investment in LED-supported vertical farming begins to bloom in the UAE. (Photo credit: Image by Nattanan Kanchanaprat via Pixabay; used under free license for commercial or noncommercial purposes.)
Horticultural Lighting

Abu Dhabi Investment Office announces funding for LED vertical farm R&D

April 23, 2020
AeroFarms, Madar Farms, RNZ, and Responsive Drip Irrigation will receive AgTech-centric funding to further develop vertical farming techniques that can help feed the UAE region...
FIG. 1. Neil Mattson revealed that CEA isn’t a clear winner over field agriculture for crops like lettuce, but LEDs have helped close the gap in terms of costs, and fields can’t meet global food demand. Photo credit: Image courtesy of Joey Mechelle Farqué.
Horticultural Lighting

Horticultural lighting evolves to business, cannabis creates greenrush (MAGAZINE)

Jan. 29, 2020
The first HortiCann Light + Tech conference continued the tradition of its predecessors in delivering vital scientific information relative to plants, reports MAURY WRIGHT, but...
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Investors seek value-add opportunities in horticultural SSL

Jan. 24, 2020
As the growing horticultural lighting market moves closer to maturing, it is gearing up to bring in the green if companies can show investors how they differentiate.