One family. Endless applications.
One family. Endless applications.
NOVA: a comprehensive product family of compact, geometrically proportioned lighting fixtures, designed with high efficiency LED technology. NOVA’s seamless mounting and versatile optics provide specifiers an array of lighting solutions for endless applications.

Addressing the architectural trend towards smaller fixtures with higher lumen output, the NOVA product family includes 2.5”, 3.5” and 6”, geometric round and square shapes with output up to 2,000 lumens. NOVA includes surface mount, pendant, wall sconce, and directional yoke fixtures in 30 standard finishes and dimming to 1%. The NOVA product family provides high-quality lighting without compromise.

The entire NOVA product family is engineered around high-efficiency LEDs and optics to deliver substantial lumens where they are needed. With optics from 10 to 94 degrees, and asymmetric wall wash, double wall wash, and spread lenses, NOVA provides lighting designers with extraordinary control to cover spaces or add accent to any application. The NOVA fixture is finished with a stepped baffle for a finished appearance. The stepped baffle can be fitted with a honeycomb louver or diffuser to reduce glare or soften the field of light.
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