ELECOSN announces LED lights with air purification

Air Purifying LED Bulb
Air Purifying LED Bulb
ELECOSN announces LED lights with air purification.

It integrates the international advanced photocatalytic and negative ion air purification technology, furthermore, it also combines the LED lighting technology of energy conservation and environment protection. Therefore, it has become a product that might care human health and benefit the mankind. It is subversive revolution to hte traditional air purifier!

Its Benefits:

1. Clear the formaldehyde, ammonia and benzene series as well as other toxic and harmful substances. According to the rest of authoritative institution, its efficiency of eliminationg formaldehyde, ammonia and sulfuretted hydrogen can reach over 80%

2. Wipe off passive smoke and solve the trouble of “passive smoking” thoroughly.Remove the passive smoke instantly.There is no more need to worry about the passive smoking,or smoke in the air-conditioned room or car.

3. Remove the stink, musty taste and other peculiar smell in public places

4. Eliminate haze (PM2.5)in full power and improve the aie quality.According to hte test of autoritative institution,its efficency of eliminating PM2.5 can reach over 90%

5. Employ photacatalytic sterilization coating, which is antibiosis and sterilization.

6. Clear the dust, pollen, soft flocks and other inhalable particles in the air.

7. Inhibiting mites & virus

8. Improve skin moisture
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