MARK Architectural Lighting Launches MAGELLAN Family of Luminaires

July 28, 2023

Atlanta, GA, June 20, 2023 - MARK Architectural Lighting, an established leader in architectural lighting solutions, today releases MAGELLAN™, a new family of large-format, architectural, circular luminaires. Delivering a clean, modern style across a variety of sizes and configurations, Magellan luminaires offer a wide variety of features and aesthetics that provide visual comfort in architectural spaces. 

The Magellan family has evolved to include pendants, ceiling-surface, and recessed ceiling luminaires, as well as surface and recessed wall-mounted solutions. These new luminaires are designed to be impeccably clean with no seams or visual disruptions in their circular form. The result is an elegant drum-style luminaire that appears to be carved from one solid form. 

Magellan is designed with a focus on delivering the highest quality of lighting performance. Offering from 600 to 48,500 lumens, Magellan can provide soft illumination for an intimate setting or fill large volumes from high above, making it one of the most powerful and versatile indoor architectural luminaires offered today.   

Featuring nLight® and nLight AIR control options, Magellan luminaires are simple to specify, design, install, and set up. Unlock network capabilities such as firmware updates, advanced scheduling, remote programming, and BACnet® integration with nLight enabled luminaires. Optional eldoLED® proprietary driver technology creates seamless transitions for flicker-safe deep-dimming, provides consistent color while dimming, and further facilitates embedded lighting control schemes.

Innovation continues into the lens design, which is offered in two distinct visual styles: flush and edge view. The flush lens is fully captured by the integral frame of the luminaire and sits flush with the direct surface plane.  Flush lenses are available in flat or convex designs, offering a variety of fully luminous aesthetic options. Alternatively, Magellan offers an edge view lens that floats just below the frame of the luminaire and creates a luminous plane with a visible lit edge. The edge view lens is available in flat, convex, or concave forms, offering exciting new looks.

Magellan participates in Declare, a simple transparency platform from the International Living Future Institute.

Also, Magellan is the first luminaire from MARK Architectural Lighting to offer a sound reducing acoustic solution on the direct plane of the luminaire. Available in 19 colors, the sound absorbing material provides a noise reduction coefficient rating of 0.45 - 0.9 and consists of ½” thick polyester felt that is 100% recyclable. The material is Red List Free.

The elegant simplicity of the Magellan luminaire combined with the variety of mounting locations, sizes, lenses, and best-in-class performance brings you the flexibility and utility you have come to expect from MARK Architectural Lighting, all in a well-designed, efficient, and reliable platform.       

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